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The Counterintuitive Secret to Shipping Better Articles Faster

The Counterintuitive Secret to Shipping Better Articles Faster

Sam Julien

April 02, 2021

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  1. @samjulien Sam Julien samjulien.com Manager of Developer Relations at Auth0

    Getting Started in Developer Relations & Guide to Tiny Experiments Thinkster & egghead @samjulien Developer Microskills Newsletter
  2. Top Take-Aways 🥡 The value of a systematic approach to

    content The secret to building any new skill Practical tips on building your content system
  3. Creating Content as a Developer Overwhelming to know what to

    create Difficult to cross things off the list Never-ending cycle
  4. @samjulien “You do not rise to the level of your

    goals. You fall to the level of your systems.” James Clear, Atomic Habits
  5. Scratch Pad 🗒 Eliminate the distraction of figuring out where

    to jot something down. Examples: Notepad++, Google Docs, Drafts Look for: speed, ease of use, ability to export
  6. Knowledge Base 🧠 Slow burn your drafts and link your

    ideas together. Examples: Evernote, Roam, Notion, Obsidian Look for: cross-linking, collections, multimedia
  7. Task Manager 📋 Ship things faster by determining the next

    action and context for a project. Examples: OmniFocus, Things, Google Keep Look for: works with your brain, ability to add context/tags
  8. The TIL Format 💡 I. Intro: 2 or 3 sentences

    describing the problem you had. II. Body: A few sentences describing the solution and how you got there. III. Final solution: The finished code someone can copy and paste. IV. Conclusion: 1 or 2 sentences re-capping the problem and solution with a link to your Twitter or a shout-out to your newsletter at the end.
  9. What’s their frame of mind? What are people looking for?

    How can you provide value on the spot? Tip 2: Provide direct value on each platform. 🔗
  10. Quick Recap: The Need for Consistency Think like an explorer

    Action + Speed + Feedback = Growth Systems > Motivation
  11. Quick Recap: Creation Phase Move fast and scope small Don’t

    over-engineer too fast Start with what you know