Deep Dive into firecracker-containerd (re:Invent 2019, CON408)

D3f5ebf1d4c147756c86ff6c8a83f4e0?s=47 Samuel Karp
December 02, 2019

Deep Dive into firecracker-containerd (re:Invent 2019, CON408)

Last year, we released the Firecracker virtual machine monitor (VMM) built on top of the Linux KVM subsystem, which is optimized for lightweight, container-like “microVMs.” In this session, we dive deep into the architecture of the firecracker-containerd project, which aims to allow portability between standard OCI container images and the larger container ecosystem with Firecracker microVMs. Topics covered include the standard containerd architecture with the reference OCI runtime (runc), challenges adapting containers into microVMs, and the firecracker-containerd suite.


Samuel Karp

December 02, 2019