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The future of customer care

Lee Boonstra
November 20, 2018

The future of customer care

Lee Boonstra

November 20, 2018

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  1. Ocado’s Automated Warehouse The British online supermarket unveiled its latest

    effort to automate its deliveries: an automated warehouse with +1000 robots and IoT devices & plans to open another this year THE AGE OF AUTOMATION Google Confidential and Proprietary Google Confidential and Proprietary
  2. Amazon Go A prototype store that integrates various technologies to

    create a seamless no-employee shopping experience. THE AGE OF AUTOMATION Google Confidential and Proprietary
  3. increase in searches for ‘in de buurt’ 281% Source: Google

    Data Jan - Dec 2017 vs. Jan - Dec 2015. NL increase in ‘Zelfde dag bezorgd’ searches 150% increase in mobile searches for ‘beste’ 80%
  4. Use cases in the contact center and beyond Connecting businesses

    with customers Controlling IoT devices Connecting businesses with employees • Customer service • E-commerce • Home entertainment • Auto • Organizational knowledge • Onboarding & Helpdesk
  5. Consumers have high expectations Based on data collected in Fall

    2017 from sample of 1,051 U.S. adults, ages 18-64.
  6. 15 50% of enterprises spend more time on creating bots

    than on mobile app development by 2021 —Gartner
  7. 16 Chatbots are expected to trim business costs by more

    than $8 billion per year by 2022. - Juniper Research
  8. Now let me put you on hold... Common frustrations •

    Long waiting / hold times • Unlimited call transfers • IVR is difficult to navigate (Press 1 for… ..Press 9 for…) • Availability (Sorry, we’re closed after 5pm.) • Inadequate information • Being told to head to the website
  9. 19 AI to improve your customer experience Voice Activated Speakers

    & smart assistants. Chatbots in websites, apps or social media platforms. AI in callcenters
  10. Clearing up some common misconceptions The Google Assistant is more

    than Voice Search The Google Assistant is not the same as Google Home The Google Assistant is not limited to voice
  11. Ready to help across 500M+ devices Think about how to

    solve for voice only vs. voice + screen Assistant devices without screens Assistant devices with screens
  12. 24 Terminology Google Assistant — The virtual assistant of Google.

    Out of the box on Android 6+. For iOS available as app. Action — A third party app, running on top of the Google Assistant. Google Home — Voice-activated speaker powered by Voice. Smart Display — Voice-activated speaker with screen powered by Voice and Touch.
  13. Built on cutting edge Google tech Location & Context awareness

    Knowledge Graph Identity Payments Structured Data Markup Natural Language Understanding Machine Learning Individual speech recognition

    It is now ‘Artificial Intelligence first’
  15. AI Hyperlinked websites viewed in Browsers Touch Apps run on

    Smartphones Conversational Agents / coordinated by Assistants Voice Typing Tap Image
  16. Digital Assistants statistics (US) On which devices do you use

    Digital Assistants? of people use a Digital Assistant at least sometimes 59% Do you use Digital Assistants? 62% 24% 18% 14% Source: Google Consumer Survey March 2018, n = 1,568, USA (sample: people who have heard of digital assistants)
  17. What do users want to get out of a Digital

    Assistant? Help me get things done (e.g. How-To’s) Make my life easier (e.g. home control) Give me relevant info (e.g. about products) Help me stay healthy (e.g. food/diet advice) Entertain me Other 30% 28% 24% 22% 19% 9% It’s all about providing value Source: Google Consumer Survey March 2018, n = 1,492, USA (sample: people who have heard of digital assistants), multiple choice Our key goal today:
  18. 36 • Write the conversation - Dialogflow (Enterprise) • Deploy

    on GA+ UX components - Actions on Google What you need to build your own action
  19. 37 3rd party integration Extend the Google Assistant with your

    own custom actions. Hey Google, let me talk to Babs The Banking Bot Welcome, how can I help you? I want to transfer money. Let’s get Babs the Banking Bot How much do you want to transfer? 100 euro.
  20. 38 Sure! I’d like to transfer 100 euro to my

    wife her bank account.” A customer communicates with the Google Assistant
  21. Confidential + Proprietary Confidential + Proprietary Wouldn’t it be nice

    to build one AI solution that can answer all questions and is available from anywhere
  22. BigQuery Dialogflow Enterprise Text to S Speech Google Assistant Website

    Social media Channel Agent Assist Call Center Agent Your System
  23. Confidential + Proprietary Confidential + Proprietary But if even if

    you just add one new AI channel. You can improve your customer experience and trim business costs.