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Contact Center AI

Lee Boonstra
December 03, 2018

Contact Center AI

Presented at Dialogflow Day

Lee Boonstra

December 03, 2018

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  1. Facts Chatbots How to improve Customer Care • Solutions for

    Voice Activated Speakers • Solutions for Call Centers • Solutions for Chatbots What we will cover Demos • Agent Assist Video • Demo: Collect Insights • Demo: Knowledge Base Connectors • Demo: Phone Gateways Technology • Dialogflow • Actions on Google • Contact Center AI
  2. 50% of enterprises will spend more on bots than traditional

    mobile app development by 2021 Gartner
  3. Chatbots are expected to trim business costs by more than

    $8 billion per year by 2022 Juniper Research
  4. Consumers have high expectations Based on data collected in Fall

    2017 from sample of 1,051 U.S. adults, ages 18-64.
  5. 3 ways how you can improve your customer experience Voice

    Activated Speakers & smart assistants. Chatbots in websites, apps or social media platforms. Call centers, IVRs
  6. Now let me put you on hold... Common frustrations •

    Long waiting / hold times • Unlimited call transfers • IVR is difficult to navigate (Press 1 for… ..Press 9 for…) • Availability (Sorry, we’re closed after 5pm.) • Inadequate information • Being told to head to the website
  7. With AI in your call center... Bots that listen and

    give on screen solutions to the human agent. • Always answers the right question. • Shorten hold times • Shorten the call time Bots that understand your question. • No longer you need to listen to audio recordings & press keys. • You don’t need to be transferred from one agent to the other Bots that can answer / resolve common questions. • Shorten hold times • Shorten the call time • Availability • No longer you’ve been told to look on the website
  8. Your customers expect you to be available on smart assistants.

    (Just like they expect you to have a website.) Ask question any time of the day, at any location where they are. You will need to be available where you customers are.
  9. Terminology Google Assistant — The virtual assistant of Google. Out

    of the box on Android 6+. For iOS available as app. Action — A third party app, running on top of the Google Assistant. Google Home — Voice-activated speaker powered by Voice. Smart Display — Voice-activated speaker with screen powered by Voice and Touch.
  10. • Manage tasks Ok Google, what’s my confirmation number for

    my flight? • Plan the day Ok Google, how is my commute to the office? • Get answers: Ok Google, who is the King of the Netherlands? • Make memories Ok Google, remember I left my keys on the Kitchen table. • Control your home Ok Google, turn off the bedroom lights. • Enjoy Entertainment Ok Google, play the Pixies on Spotify. Things you can ask Google...
  11. 70% of requests are in natural language Is it gonna

    rain tomorrow? Tomorrow it will be sunny In Amsterdam!
  12. Cloud AI Less ML expertise More ML expertise Cloud AI

    solutions Cloud Job Discovery Contact Center Document Understanding Cloud AI building blocks Cloud AI platform Cloud ML Engine Cloud Video Intelligence ML professionals & service partners ASL Professional Services Organization Cloud AutoML Vision Vision Cloud Vision Language Conversation Cloud Natural Language Cloud AutoML NL Cloud Translation Cloud Speech-to-Text Dialogflow Enterprise Cloud Text-to-Speech Cloud AutoML Translation New New New Cloud GPU Cloud TPU Cloud Dataflow Cloud Dataproc Machine & Deep Learning ML accelerators ML libraries Tensorflow Kubeflow Kaggle/datasets Datasets
  13. • Deploy/UX on Google Assistant - Actions on Google •

    Write the conversation - Dialogflow Enterprise • Integrate in call center - Contact Center AI Technology you would need
  14. • Bring your agents to smart speakers (Google Home) or

    phones (Android, iOS app) • Actions on Google includes: ◦ UI toolkit, ◦ Audio toolkit ◦ Account Linking API ◦ SDKs ◦ tutorial guides • UI components such as: ◦ Buttons, Images ◦ Cards, Carousels, ◦ Lists ◦ Tables Program for developers of Actions (“apps”) that run via Google Assistant Actions on Google
  15. • Previously known as API.AI ◦ (Sept 2016, acquired by

    Google) • Powered by Machine Learning: ◦ Natural Language Understanding (NLU) ◦ Intent Matching ◦ Conversation Training • Cross platform • Build faster with the Web UI • Scalable: separate your conversation text from code • Speech / Voice Integration • Multi-lingual bot support (20+ languages) • Part of Google Cloud (60+ cloud services) Dialogflow Development suite for building Conversational UIs.
  16. Contact Center AI Agent Assist When calls are forwarded to

    a live agent, Agent Assist presents machine-learning-driven insights, helping the agent provide personalized and relevant upsells. Virtual Agent Build powerful Virtual Agents that automate customer conversation with Dialogflow. Agent/Topic Modeller Tools for automatic bot building to personalize the data of the agent. 3 core components
  17. Virtual Agent Dialogflow Enterprise Components for Contact Centers • Chat

    Integrations • Phone Gateway • Google Assistant Integrations • Knowledge Base Connector • Text to Speech / Speech to Text • Sentiment Detection • Back-end fulfillment
  18. A Journey of a Customer Issue Customer Phone Chat Agent

    Topic Modeling Topics, Keywords, Top sentences Agent Assist Contextual Routing Topic Modeling Topics, Keywords, Top sentences Article Suggestions Q & A Knowledge Connectors Knowledge Base Virtual Agent / Dialogflow NLP, Intents Call and chat logs Technology from Google
  19. 34 Calls Chats Customer Experience Suite Agent Assist Knowledge Connectors

    Knowledge Service Live Agent Chat Bot Customer Emails IVR Partner Support Software Speech API Bot takes the role of an agent Bot takes the role to assist an agent Connect to IVR through partners
  20. New Dialogflow features Dialogflow Phone Gateway Beta Knowledge Connectors Beta

    Built-in sentiment analysis Beta Built-in Text-to-Speech Beta Automatic Spelling Correction Beta
  21. Contact Center AI Agent Assist Telephony / Audio Integration Alpha

    Article Suggestion Alpha Conversation Transcripts and Context Alpha Question and Answer Alpha
  22. Knowledge Connectors Dialogflow lets you pre-build explicit responses to specific

    user intents. Knowledge Connectors enrich the conversation by complementing explicit intents with automated responses sourced from internal knowledge bases (articles, FAQs, etc.).
  23. 3rd party integration Extend the Google Assistant with your own

    custom actions. Hey Google, let me talk to Babs The Banking Bot Welcome, how can I help you? I want to transfer money. Let’s get Babs the Banking Bot How much do you want to transfer? 100 euro.
  24. Sure! I’d like to transfer 100 euro to my wife

    her bank account.” A customer communicates with the Google Assistant
  25. Phone Gateway Lets you instantly convert any Dialogflow virtual agent

    into a conversational IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system. Based on the same Google infrastructure used by Google Voice, Project Fi, Google Hangouts. Telephony service, speech recognition, NLU, and speech synthesis are handled out-of-the-box.
  26. Built-in Text-to-Speech Dialogflow uses Cloud Text-to-Speech powered by DeepMind’s WaveNet

    technology (closes audio-quality gap with human speech by 70%) to deliver natural, precise speech responses. Useful for telephony as well as IoT applications (e.g., cars, TVs).
  27. Confidential + Proprietary Wouldn’t it be nice to build one

    AI solution that can answer all questions and is available from anywhere
  28. BigQuery Dialogflow Enterprise Text to S Speech Google Assistant Website

    Social media Channel Agent Assist Call Center Agent Your System Social media Channel
  29. Confidential + Proprietary But if even if you just add

    one new AI channel. You can improve your customer experience and trim business costs.