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Evolution of Computer Languages

October 09, 2011

Evolution of Computer Languages


October 09, 2011

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  1. assembly fortran c algol basic cobol c++ java javascript c#

    simula pascal modula python perl lisp ruby
  2. computer  lang. in  computer  language  evolutions.. 1.  species  never  die

    2.  branches  can  converge 3.  mutations  are  not  random
  3. What  program  would  one  like  to  write?   Whatever  is

     least  work.   Except  not  quite:  whatever  would  be   least  work... @paulg
  4. Get  started  with  SCSS: 1.  create  a  rails  app 2.

     in  gemfile:  gem  ‘sass’ 3.  rename  style.css  to  style.scss 4.  $  sass  -­‐-­‐watch  public/stylesheets/ style.scss:public/stylesheets/style.css
  5. resources  on  computer  languages 1.  chart  of  evolution  of  programming

     languages 2.  chronology  of  programming  languages 3.  tiobe  programming  community  index 4.  every  language  fixes  something 5.  evolution  of  the  web  by  chrome  dev  team 6.  history  of  programming  language  poster  from  o’reilly 7.  100  year  programming  languages  by  paul  graham 8.  what  languages  fix  by  paul  graham 9.  jokes  on  programming  languages 10.  a  brief  incomplete  and  mostly  wrong  history  of  languages 11.  hello  world  in  different  programming  languages
  6. resources  on  meta  languages 1.  meta  programming 2.  haml  and

     ruby  gem 3.  coffeescript 4.  LESS  -­‐  dynamic  stylesheet  language 5.  SCSS   6.  Compass