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Developer Driven Development

Developer Driven Development

This talk is about software development process at the team level. It is about how GitHub manages our software development team. Instead of a typical management or agile structure, we embrace several features of the Open Source development workflow, using a mix of autonomy, responsibility, no meetings, no backlog, no roadmap, no vacation day limits and free beer to keep our developers motivated and shipping.


Scott Chacon

April 06, 2011

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  1. The Open Source Business Scott Chacon

  2. About Us

  3. None
  4. None
  5. None
  6. None
  7. Why business?

  8. Why are you here?

  9. learn new tools be more efficient get more done with

  10. Software

  11. Developer Focus

  12. SCRUM

  13. SCRUM?

  14. Test Driven Development

  15. Behavior Driven Development

  16. Developer Driven Development

  17. how does an open source team work?

  18. maintainer or small team of committers

  19. offline communication channels email list IRC

  20. occasional in-person meetings for big goals

  21. individuals choose what they want to work on still get

    bugs, unsexy things teams self assemble to solve larger problems
  22. could your company work this way?

  23. it is possible

  24. everyone chooses what they work on

  25. offline communication chat, email

  26. no roadmaps

  27. no feature backlog http://gettingreal.37signals.com/ch05_Forget_Feature_Requests.php

  28. no daily in-person meetings

  29. make small decisions offline or in code

  30. people can work from anywhere, anytime, in any style

  31. teams self-form and shuffle as needed

  32. Developer Driven Development

  33. autonomy power / responsibility no meetings no feature requests /

    backlog no roadmap no vacations free beer
  34. pre-requisites

  35. own your product

  36. no deadlines

  37. passionate developers

  38. great communication chat email in-person drinking

  39. small teams

  40. or, gatekeepers

  41. best if the team can use the product

  42. advantages

  43. great productivity way less overhead everyone is always interested in

    what they are doing
  44. very agile

  45. more ideas

  46. dumb ideas are not worked on

  47. keep your devs more flexible always working on something they

    want more skin in the game better retention (recruiting is very expensive)
  48. Supporting Evidence

  49. None
  50. Business Minimalism

  51. Open Source

  52. None
  53. autonomy mastery purpose

  54. perils of extrinsic motivators

  55. why outsourcing is difficult

  56. take money off the table

  57. if you want engagement, self direction is better

  58. purpose motive is more powerful than the profit motive

  59. The Best Motivators

  60. Autonomy People want to have control over what they do

  61. Mastery People want to get better at what they do

  62. Purpose People want to be part of something that is

    bigger than they are
  63. autonomy mastery purpose

  64. Skunkworks

  65. ROWE

  66. Lockheed Martin (Advanced Development Programs) Best Buy (ROWE) Atlassian (FedEx

    Day) Google (20%) GitHub (100%)
  67. overview

  68. Developer Driven Development autonomy power/responsibility no meetings no feature backlog

    or roadmap free beer
  69. autonomy mastery purpose

  70. thanks!

  71. questions?

  72. resources github.com/schacon/ddd schacon.github.com/ddd schacon@gmail.com Drive, Daniel Pink - TED Talk