Forensic Science and Information Security: LifeTime Lovers, Part-Time Friends

Forensic Science and Information Security: LifeTime Lovers, Part-Time Friends

Forensic Science and Information Security are very parallel fields. They are both methodical in nature and often one area builds succinctly on top of the other. With the ability to have a specialty in various areas, it is interesting that the two do not often merge together and share policies and procedures. You see Forensic Scientists often are called in at the “endpoint.” Usually, it is at the scene of a crime, only giving the final “product” and must work backwards to build a story for what initially happened. In Information Security, with the rapid growth of exposure to data, specifically PHI, it is evident that it would be beneficial for both communities to work together. With my area of extended knowledge and expertise in Forensic and Clinical Toxicology, I am often met with various attempts to “social engineer” me out of patient results to having sent incorrect reports to clients (not on purpose of course). In a Toxicology lab, whether government (local, state or federal) or private, PHI is the utmost important issue. Scientists adhere to the policies and procedures of the SCIENTIFIC aspect of the organization, but not always to the INFORMATION SECURITY aspect of the organization. Let’s chat a little about how to make both industries more aware how they are really Lifetime Lovers and Part-time Friends.



August 10, 2019