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McLuhan, Fuller, Agel and Fiore: An Inventory of Electric Information

by Scott Boms

Published August 4, 2012 in Design

During the mid-1960's, journalist and PR man Jerome Agel, and designer and typographer Quentin Fiore produced several highly influential mass market paperbacks based on the heady, radical, yet prescient ideas of Marshall McLuhan, Buckminster Fuller, Carl Sagan, Herman Kahn, Jerry Rubin, Stanley Kubrick, and others.

This brief talk focuses on how Fiore and Agel radically changed the landscape of publishing through the use of expressive, kinetic typography, increasingly complex layouts and structures, paired with photography reflecting the culture of the time, the past, and the future.

What these unique books help reveal is that artists and designers are keys to a future not entirely focused on the rearview mirror, where past artifacts become art.