Arbiter GeoDC Lightning Talk

04d90c67e5e6ea922342a8c761f739c2?s=47 Scott Clark
November 06, 2013

Arbiter GeoDC Lightning Talk

Lightning talk for Arbiter given at the November GeoDC Meetup:


Scott Clark

November 06, 2013


  1. 2.

    ROGUE JCTD Focused on enabling organizations to collaboratively share &

    edit geospatial information Disconnected and connected environments Distributed Partners Thursday, December 5, 13
  2. 3.

    Distributed Versioned Editing (GeoGit) have your own copy of the

    data work in a distributed fashion sync changes with others view / accept / reject changes maintain provenance of data Thursday, December 5, 13
  3. 5.

    Data Collection Edit Point Geometry Edit Point, Line, and Polygon

    Attributes Associate Photos to Features Thursday, December 5, 13
  4. 6.

    Disconnected Workflow Cache an Area of Interest Map Tiles (OSM

    as default) Features from WFS Sync to GeoServer when connected Thursday, December 5, 13
  5. 7.

    Sync with GeoServer Push only your updates Receive updates from

    GeoServer GeoGit data store in GeoServer Thursday, December 5, 13
  6. 8.

    GeoNode & OpenLayers Full featured web client for viewing and

    editing layers GeoGit integration Commit History View Diffs Thursday, December 5, 13
  7. 17.

    Learning Points How people want to use the app Data

    collection Situational Awareness Actual performance on a 4G network Thursday, December 5, 13
  8. 20.

    Next Stages Continued support to COPECO 2x Technical Demonstrations 1x

    Operational Demonstration Working with more groups Thursday, December 5, 13