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Slides for talk at Tampa Bay Mil-OSS meeting on April 14th, 2014

Scott Clark

April 14, 2014

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  1. About  ROGUE Challenges in the HADR problem set: •  Supporting

    a wide range of partners, including military, inter-agency, national partners, and NGOs •  Common situational awareness is needed by all partners •  Responding organizations both need, and can provide a great deal of information •  Partners are distributed and sometimes disconnected Ø  Partners must have direct access to the technology itself In short, ROGUE allows organizations to collaboratively develop and share geospatial data with traditional and non-traditional partners Joint  Capability  Technology  Demonstrations  (JCTDs)  introduce  new   operational  concepts  to  maturing  technologies  to  solve  complex   problems
  2. Open  Source  Software  Components Community Components •  GeoNode: Geospatial portal

    •  GeoServer: Web access to geospatial data sources •  GeoWebCache: Caching & serving tiles •  PostGIS: Stores geospatial data in a relational database •  GeoGit: Distributed & versioned editing Custom Components •  ROGUE-GeoNode: A custom build that adds GeoGit and MapLoom •  Arbiter: Mobile app for data collection •  MapLoom: Custom OL3 web map used in GeoNode
  3. •  Most feature data in ROGUE is stored in GeoGit

    databases •  Multi-user / Multi-organizational collaboration •  Lets you o  Import geospatial data: Shapefile, PostGIS, OpenStreetMap, SQLite… o  Branch and merge data o  Manage merge conflicts o  Clone a repository o  View history for a repository, featuretype (layer) or feature o  Tag a version o  Export, Sync, and more http://geogit.org GeoGit
  4. •  ARC/GFDRR Yolanda GeoNode o  Combined team collected all geospatial

    data that was technically & legally open o  72 layers of geospatial data imported o  Sources included EU Joint Research Centre, UNOSAT, NGA, Humanitarian OSM team o  Hundreds of situation reports & PDFs from ARC and OCHA o  ROGUE & GFDRR developers provided remote support to ARC personnel on the ground •  Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team o  Deployed task on HOT Tasking Manager o  OSM community made over 4.5 million edits from 1600 mappers working from 82 countries Yolanda  GeoNode h+p://yolandadata.org
  5. •  Deployment Support & Bug Fixes o  Imported and curated

    data sources o  Fixed deployment issues o  Helped maintain health of server •  OpenStreetMap Imports o  ARC needed to be able to combine OSM damage information with other layers o  Required ability to import updates & maintain history o  Import set up to extract building damage polygons daily o  http://boundlessgeo.com/2014/03/geogit-and- openstreetmap-for-yolanda/ ROGUE  Support
  6. Who’s  who US Southern Command CoCom Sponsor US SOUTHCOM S&T

    Operational Manager USACE ERDC Technical Manager Dept of State HIU Deputy Transition Manager OSD DASD (RFO) Oversight Executive Pacific Disaster Center Transition Manager Boundless & Community Open Source Transition MapStory Foundation Technical Partner MARCIMS (USMC) Transition Partner COPECO Honduras Transition Point NGA Technical Partner