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Introduction to GeoGit

04d90c67e5e6ea922342a8c761f739c2?s=47 Scott Clark
September 21, 2013

Introduction to GeoGit

Introduction To GeoGit: Distributed Versioned Editing For Geospatial Features. Presented by Scott Clark and Chris Holmes at FOSS4G 2013 in Nottingham, England


Scott Clark

September 21, 2013


  1. Introduction to Scott Clark - LMN Solutions Chris Holmes –

    OGC, CartoDB, Planet Labs
  2. Distributed Versioned Editing !   Allows for many people to

    !   have their own copy of the data !   work in a distributed fashion !   sync changes with others !   view / accept / reject changes !   recover to a particular commit
  3. Geo-Distributed Versioned Editing !   Treat data like source code.

    !   Potential to improve many major geo problems: !   Multi-user collaboration !   Multi-organization collaboration !   Crowd-sourced vs. Authoritative Data !   Low Bandwidth and Disconnected Editing !   Metadata http:/ /goo.gl/V5l5yP
  4. GeoGit is !   Distributed version control for geospatial data

    !   Inspired by Git !   modeled after Git's core concepts !   commands will be familiar to developers !   Open Source: http:/ /geogit.org
  5. Collaboration from a GeoNerd POV

  6. The idea is scary for some

  7. Working with GeoGit https:/ /github.com/ROGUE-JCTD

  8. Who’s Using GeoGit !   ROGUE - A project for

    sharing (versioned) geospatial data between mission partners white paper - http:/ /goo.gl/Z7DDG GitHub - https:/ /github.com/ROGUE-JCTD !   Pacific Disaster Center’s DisasterAWARE (in work) – www.pdc.org ! GeoGinger - http:/ /geoginger.com ! MapStory.org (future)
  9. GeoGit Functionality Overview !   Import data: Shapefile, OSM, PostGIS

    etc. !   Commit changes !   Branch and merge !   Manage merge conflicts !   Clone a repository !   View history for repository, featuretype or feature !   Tag a version !   Export, sync and more
  10. GeoGit Roadmap !   GUI's (OL3, QGIS planned – please

    help!) !   Mature plugins for GeoNode, QGIS, GeoServer !   Scalability !   Export an OSM changeset !   Standardize and encourage alternate implementations (OGR, etc) !   Other Databases as backend
  11. http:/ /geogit.org