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Empathy-Driven Design

Seemant Kulleen
September 08, 2014

Empathy-Driven Design

The role of empathy in designing a data-driven dashboard for your customers (internal BI or end-users). A dashboard is more than a collection of pretty widgets.

Seemant Kulleen

September 08, 2014

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  1. Empathy-Driven Design a dashboard is not just a dashboard Oracle

    August 28, 2014 Seemant Kulleen @seemantk
  2. What is a Dashboard?

  3. A dashboard is... ...a means of communicating... ...with human beings...

  4. Human Interaction 67% nonverbal • sight: 83% • facial cues

    (eye contact, smiles, tension) • body language • the environment
  5. Nonverbal Communication Provides: • Context • (Metadata, meta-info)

  6. Successful Communication Is Congruent: Nonverbal signals are congruent with one

    another... ...and the message.
  7. Computers • Have no emotions to convey* • Can affect

    emotional states
  8. A dashboard is... ...emotionless, and therefore... ...an emotionally stable communicator.

  9. Emotional Landscape is The plethora (or collection) of available emotions

    (that need steadying)
  10. Emotional Landscape comes from User’s environment & circumstances. Circumstances are

  11. Empathic Assumption The user is under pressure. (e.g. Their job

    is on the line)
  12. Empathy: What is Pressure? What does pressure feel like?

  13. Characteristics of Pressure

  14. Emotional Landscape Examples • Community Galaxy ◦ disconnected, untrusting, uncommunicative

    • Fun Voting ◦ the drudgery of a large office ◦ data was described as boring ◦ provide some insight • Seeing Science ◦ A lot of data with a lot changes hard to see
  15. Gratitude • Sergei • You

  16. Comments, Questions, Complaints And other feedback.

  17. Who am I? • Recovering: ◦ Engineer • Empathic: ◦

    Leader ◦ Technical team turnaround • Empathy-driven: ◦ Data visualizer ◦ Story teller
  18. Let’s Connect • seemantk.com • twitter ◦ medium.com • linkedin

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