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Developing with Passion

Developing with Passion

Understanding motivations, finding your passion, driving to success.

Seemant Kulleen

November 13, 2012

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  1. PHP User Group: HAMBURG Passion, Happiness, Programming SEEMANT KULLEEN PRODUCT

    MANAGEMENT SUPPORT & SERVICES (ENGINE YARD, INC.) Wednesday, November 14, 12
  2. We Rely on Our Emotions We prefer products with higher

    ratings, and avoid products with lower ratings. We give high ratings to things we like. Wednesday, November 14, 12
  3. What do we like? We like things that make us

    somehow feel good: LEARNING (e.g. TED) USEFUL & HELPFUL (Django’s ORM) FUNNY (reddit) FUN (AC3, HALO 4) Wednesday, November 14, 12
  4. Code can cause emotions When you experience bad code, you

    don’t like it. When you write great code, maybe you can even make people feel empowered! Wednesday, November 14, 12
  5. Creating Experiences Create a reality that matters to people: Make

    it an EXPERIENCE. Wednesday, November 14, 12
  6. Loyal Users When the emotional delta is high enough, we

    return. Loyalty resides within the delta. Wednesday, November 14, 12
  7. The Developer’s Delta As a developer, the experience of creating

    is itself an experience. Wednesday, November 14, 12
  8. User Experience When we create an experience for somebody, we

    trigger a delta in their emotional state. Wednesday, November 14, 12
  9. User Feedback The emotional equity spent in the creation process

    reflects back to its creators. Wednesday, November 14, 12
  10. Passion is.. When you do something even if you don’t

    get paid for it. When you do something and forget to eat, or forget to sleep. All-consuming: pain is insignificant compared to the thrill. Wednesday, November 14, 12
  11. Finding My Passion? Be passionate about life. Find joy in

    living. Code is only a way to express our experience of life. Wednesday, November 14, 12
  12. Further Information Chip Conley: Emotional Equations Eric Thomas: Secrets of

    Success Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi: Flow Wednesday, November 14, 12