Writing Tests that Stand the Test of Time

Writing Tests that Stand the Test of Time

This talk was given at DACHFest (dachfest.com) in Munich, Germany.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hy5ra9qDpEY

One of the promises of test driven development is the confidence and ease with which we can refactor our production code.

However, sometimes we find ourselves in a position where our tests are highly coupled to the production code and we have to change the tests every time we update our production code. At this point we start wondering if the tests we had are even worth it if we have to spend so much time to maintain them. If you have ever found yourself having to update your tests every time the behavior of a dependency of the class under test has changed, then this talk is for you.

This talk is to share with you some patterns, tools and examples that can guide us to write more maintainable tests.


Segun Famisa

November 11, 2018