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Introduction to Docker - ID-Python Meet Up October 2013

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October 09, 2013

Introduction to Docker - ID-Python Meet Up October 2013



October 09, 2013

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  1. Good Morning.

  2. docker Python Indonesia Meet Up October 2013 Sefrinaldi | @sfrnldi

    Software Engineer at Infinyscloud
  3. I’m a .Net guy.

  4. Infinyscloud.com

  5. @sfrnldi

  6. None
  7. Knowing each other...

  8. Docker is...

  9. A container management tool.

  10. Created by folks at dotCloud

  11. Based on dotCloud backend engine

  12. ..to make LXC easier to use.

  13. LXC Let you run a Linux system within another Linux

  14. Linux Container “A group of processes on a Linux box,

    put together in an isolated env”.
  15. Re-write

  16. Reasons to use Docker

  17. You’re a hipster

  18. Re-installing Ubuntu from scratch is not fun.

  19. The only possible thing format to ship code with it's

    environment is using VM
  20. VM uses too many resource.

  21. Want to ship everything around the application, configuration, libs used,

    etc etc...
  22. Developer can guaranty that what he has create and run

    here can run smoothly over there.
  23. The chalenges.

  24. The chalenges

  25. The Matrix From Hell

  26. The solution.

  27. Create a standard shipment method.

  28. The solution

  29. “Build once...run anywhere” ~ Developer

  30. “Configure once...run anything” ~ DevOps

  31. Docker under the hood.

  32. File System

  33. Docker Layers Read-only

  34. Docker Image The read- only layer

  35. Docker Container

  36. Docker Container

  37. Docker Index / Registry

  38. Getting started.

  39. Dockerfile.

  40. Dockerfile.

  41. Build a Docker Image “docker build -t sfrnld/newimg .”

  42. Pull an Image “docker pull ubuntu:quantal”

  43. Get list of Docker images “docker image”

  44. Create a Container “docker run -i -t ubuntu:quantal /bin/bash”

  45. Get list of Docker container “docker ps -a”

  46. Commit a Container “docker commit 275fd72a5f62 sfrnld/newimages”

  47. Push an Image to Repository “docker push sfrnld/demo”

  48. Let’s try it out!

  49. Thanks for listening...