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January 30, 2019


Escrow on ETH



January 30, 2019

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  1. Ethcrow Fast, Cheap, Secure Escrow Protocol For All C2C, EC,

    Crowdfunding Apps
  2. Elevetor Pitch blockchain disrupts escrow Securely run even under 1Trillion

    USD GTV Blockchain first mass adaption
  3. Problem Existing Escrow Service is just simply Expensive Many Security

    Guarantee Compromised 2nd Layer Solutions Marketplace startups are terrifying to be regurated because of ambiguous legal interpretion 1% of transaction amount
  4. Solution Blockchain Escrow No trusted third party is needed anymore!

  5. Solution Plasma Chamber Ethereum 2nd layer solution

  6. Solution Stable Coins JPY, USD, IDR, etc... Licensed Stable Coin

    Issuer Takes All Responsibility of Finance Re-allocation of Responsibility
  7. Market Size M&A needs Escrow Real Estate needs Escrow Sharing

    Economy needs Escrow Emerging Country needs Escrow
  8. Business Model Fast Finality Service Commit Aggregation Service Cloud Server

  9. Proprietary Tech Do you know anyone understands Plasma?

  10. Competition OmiseGO - They can’t use stable coin Loom Network

    - They just see games EOS - Just Insecure Alipay and Paypal - Can't do international escrow
  11. Marketing Plan Slower but Important: Africa/Indonesia Stripe SDK Pattern With

    Bank's Stablecoin Faster and Solid: Japan/U.S./EU's Real Estate Escrow With Arbitrary Licensed Issuers Stablecoin
  12. Team Sg Syuhei Taku Ibe
 Kono Tsutumi Tanu

    Meika Yuriko Sota Reston Mucktar