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August 23, 2018


  1. Netlify from the Infrastructure Engineer perspective Netlify Meetup Tokyo #1

    Shogo Muranushi
  2. Who are you? Shogo Muranishi ABEJA, Inc SRE/Infra Engineer, Product

    Owner Speciality is AWS
  3. None
  4. Receive requests I would like to web hosting static contents.

 and I will use HTTPS. Okey
  5. I think. 1st If you just want to hosting a

    static site simply, Amazon S3. Amazon S3 is… Object Storage. High scalability, High availability, High security, Low cost. Very simple web hosting service. S3
  6. I think. 2nd If requires HTTPS to Amazon S3, you

    also need CloudFront. CloudFront is… CDN ( Contents Delivery Network ). That is not simple. It takes time for each change. S3 CF
  7. I think. 3rd If requires SSL, you also need ACM.

    ACM is… Amazon Certificate Manager. Free SSL certificate, Automatic update. But… S3 CF ACM
  8. I think. 4th If require ACM, email authentication is also

    need and SES is needed.
 (Recently, DNS authentication can also be selected.) SES is… Simple Email Service. You can send and receive mail. But… S3 CF ACM SES
  9. I think. 5th If requires SES, you also need s3

    bucket to receive mail. Create s3 bucket to receive mail… S3 CF ACM SES S3
  10. Complete !! S3 CF ACM SES S3 This is Building

    Block !!
  11. None
  12. This is not simple You need to know a little

    about AWS. You need to maintenance and troubleshooting it. You will be asked to change config.
  13. I do not want to do anything I do not

    want you to depend on me. My work increases as it depends. I searched for a simple way.
  14. None
  15. I tried Netlify I opened an account. I completed Web

    hosting work in 
 10 minutes. It was very simple compared to AWS
  16. Netlify from the Infrastructure engineer perspective

  17. Good point, 1st Static web hosting and CDN High Performance

    High Availability High Scalability In case of Web server?
  18. CDN Contents Delivery Network https:/ /

  19. Good point, 2nd Continuous Delivery Very simple Github integration Deliver

    with `git push` In case of S3?
  20. Good point, 3rd Simple deploy free SSL certificate Deploy with

    few clicks In case of ACM?
  21. Good point, 4th High Security Static contents is very high

    security. In case of WordPress?
  22. Good point, 5th Other Form receive service Branch deploy A/B

  23. Good point, 6th Infrastructure engineer is unnecessary.

  24. But, Monitoring is necessary. URL Monitoring Pingdom, StatusCake, Stackdriver, etc…

    Responce code, Latency, etc…
  25. Troubleshooting You can't control CDN Troubleshoot. Let's have a cup

    of tea Or Multi CDN..?
  26. Appendix Netlify IP Adress is Google Cloud?

  27. Appendix Netlify IP Adress is Google Cloud?

  28. I work has gone.