Flux for Android / Droidcon Boston 2018

Flux for Android / Droidcon Boston 2018

This is the slide for Droidcon Boston session "Flux: Utilize unidirectional data flow to think less and scale faster".

By utilizing a unidirectional data flow, we aim to think less and scale faster. Flux is all about having unidirectional data flow throughout the application using Flux components such as Action, Dispatcher, Store, and more.

While there are a lot of more benefits as well, declaring those components feature based rather than screen or view based, you may be able to make use of already-declared components and the logics, which helps you to make your app DRY, write less code than you otherwise have to write, and modify only once place when there needs a change in your logic or specification.

Below is a list of official Flux documentation links:

* facebook/flux: Application Architecture for Building User Interfaces

* flux/examples/flux-concepts at master · facebook/flux


And below are the example implementations for Flux architecture and some slides:

* satorufujiwara/architecture-patterns-samples

* ogaclejapan/FluxArchitectureSample: Sample app for Flux Architecture

* Flux de Relax :) // Speaker Deck


Shohei Kawano

March 27, 2018