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Automation in Code Reviews

Automation in Code Reviews


Sibiu Web Meetup

February 18, 2022

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  1. Automation in Code Review Alina Mihaila Sr Backend Engineer at

  2. Automation in Code Review • What is code review? •

    What can be automate in code reviews? • Tools that assist with code review at GitLab • What is next? • Q&A
  3. Code Review process at GitLab • Code changes are reviewed

    by minimum 2 engineers (reviewer + maintainer) • Code reviews for multiple categories (frontend, backend, database, UX, QA) • Code review for multiple domain expertise CI, Product Intelligence, Tooling ) • Example MR with multiple reviewers
  4. What can be automate in code reviews? Source: monkeyuser.com Example

    MR vale
  5. Automation examples in code review at GitLab • Code Quality

    Widget ◦ Uses codeclimate ◦ Example MR
  6. Automation examples in code review at GitLab • Test coverage

    visualization ◦ Simplecov(Ruby) ◦ (Istanbul)JavaScript ◦ PHP Unit PHP ◦ gocover(Go lang) ◦ Coverage.py(Python) ◦ Example of MR
  7. Automation examples in code review at GitLab • Danger (GitLab,

    Github, Bitbucket) ◦ Automates common code review task ◦ Runs in CI ◦ Codify code guidelines (using the danger files) ◦ Ruby and Javascript ◦ GitLab Danger gem(Roulette) ◦ Example MR1, MR2
  8. More automation examples in code review • Automated database migration

    testing (Example MR) ◦ Uses postgres.ai thin-clone technology. ◦ Runs migration on GitLab.com dataset. ◦ Used before the migration code is merged and deployed. ◦ Analyze migrations and behaviour before deploying to production.
  9. What is next? • Unreview ◦ GitLab recently announced Machine

    Learning based solution for automatically identifying appropriate expert code reviewer Here is an early mockup (and it may differ from our final UI)
  10. Q&A Contact • alina.vancea@gmail.com • Linkedin

  11. • How to carry out effective code reviews • The

    code review struggle is real. Here's what you need to know • What are the most effective features for code review tools? • How GitLab's 5 new code review features will make life easier • Faster Code Reviews • The road to smarter code reviewer recommendations • Code Review Guidelines • Code review docs Resources