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INSPIRE services with GeoServer and HALE, where are we?

INSPIRE services with GeoServer and HALE, where are we?

This presentation covers the progress made since last year's INSPIRE Conference with respect to the support for complex feature and the INSPIRE data specifications in GeoServer as well as the connection between HALE and GeoServer itself.

It also covers the ongoing work and the directions of future enhancements.

Simone Giannecchini

September 18, 2018

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  1. INSPIRE services
    with GeoServer and HALE,
    where are we?
    Ing. Simone Giannecchini
    Ing. Nuno Oliveira

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  2. Quick Facts

    Founded in late 2006

    • Image Processing, GeoSpatial Data Fusion
    • Java, Java Enterprise, C++, Python
    • JPEG2000, JPIP, Advanced visualization
    • Web Based Mashups, Mobile Solutions
    • OGC, ISO, INSPIRE Standards

    Supporting/Developing FOSS4G projects

    MapStore, GeoServer, GeoNetwork

    CKAN, GeoNode



    Private Companies all over the world

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  3. Our Offer

    Enterprise Support Services

    Bug Fixing, Support, Customizations & New Features

    5 packages → different types of needs

    Deployment Warranty

    Deploy with confidence, we monitor and fix when needed

    Professional Training

    End-To-End Projects (Integration)

    Tell me what you need, I’ll put it together for you

    We take our core products and

    Bend them, twist them, embed them

    Hammer them to make clients happy

    FOSS4G Software is core for us

    Not simple use but develop and support

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  4. GeoServer


    GeoSpatial enterprise gateway
    − Java Enterprise
    − Management and Dissemination of raster and vector data

    Standards compliant
    −OGC WCS 1.0, 1.1.1 (RI), 2.0.1 → Download Services
    −OGC WFS 1.0, 1.1 (RI), 2.0.0 → Download Services
    −OGC WMS 1.1.1, 1.3.0 → View Services
    −OGC WPS 1.0.0 → Transformation Services
    −OGC CSW 2.0.2 → Discovery Services

    Google Earth/Maps support
    −KML, GeoSearch, etc..

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  5. Hale

    Humboldt ALignment Editor (HALE)

    Open Source visual editor for schema mappings

    Main features:

    Import source schema(s) and data

    Shapefile, databases, XSD / XML, etc…

    Import target schema(s)

    XSD, databases, INSPIRE schemas

    Transformations are:

    Graphically designed

    Interactively executed

    Interactively viewed

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  6. GeoServer INSPIRE Compliance Summary

    INSPIRE Compliance

    Available specific INSPIRE extension

    Free and Open Source

    New GUI Sections on services

    Inject new elements in GetCapabilities

    Download Services

    OGC WFS 2.0 and GML 3.2.1

    OGC WCS 2.0.1

    View Services

    OGC WMS 1.1.1, 1.3

    OGC WMTS 1.0.0

    Transformation Service

    OGC WPS 1.0.0, gs:Reproject process

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  7. GeoServer INSPIRE App-Schema Intro

    Free and open source extension

    Support for complex features

    SF-0 and SF-1 compliance levels of the SF profile

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  8. No special schema requirement on the data sources !
    GeoServer INSPIRE App-Schema Intro
    App-Schema produces the expected
    GML output by transforming data on
    the fly !

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  9. GeoServer INSPIRE App-Schema Intro

    We only need to define the mappings between the data source and the
    target GML schema, App-Schema will do the rest:

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  10. INSPIRE With GeoServer – HALE Interoperability

    App-schema mappings are
    hard to define manually!

    HALE GeoServer plugin to the rescue!

    Create HALE alignment visually

    Create GeoServer App-Schema mapping from it

    Upload it automatically through GeoServer REST API
    Hey, no hands

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  11. INSPIRE With GeoServer – HALE Interoperability

    From Embedded (since HALE 2.9.4 ) plugin to Drop-in

    From Hale 3.5.0 (to be released by the end of September)

    Download the plugin ZIP file

    Extract it in HALE's installation folder

    Enjoy (yeah, sort of…)

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  12. INSPIRE With GeoServer – Use Cases - BRGM

    Bureau de Recherches Géologiques et Minières (BRGM)

    Improve full text search performance

    Millions of records

    App-Schema Apache Solr
    Works with WMS
    Possibility to use Apache
    Solr as an external index !

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  13. INSPIRE With GeoServer – Use Cases - INE

    Statistics Portugal (INE)

    Publishing several INSPIRE themes

    The usual suspects
    Complex features in QGIS

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  14. INSPIRE With GeoServer – Use Cases - NPRA

    Norwegian Public Road Administration (NPRA)

    DATEX II, traffic related data

    Complex GeoJSON WMS and WFS

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  15. INSPIRE With GeoServer – Known Issues

    This repo will help keep the discussion in a single place!

    Open GitHub repo for issues related to INSPIRE

    Everyone can contribute !

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  16. INSPIRE With GeoServer – Latest Improvements

    App-Schema SQL improvements

    Execute joins in the DBSM when possible

    Performance improvements

    Translate OGC filters to native SQL

    Optimized SQL queries for nested properties
    Extend WMTS and WCS service
    configuration to support INSPIRE

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  17. INSPIRE With GeoServer – Latest Improvements

    Explicitly define the default geometry → supports nested

    Isolated workspaces concept

    publishing the same complex feature type multiple times

    no more need for several GeoServer instances

    Handling of 1..N cardinality
    simple attributes without using a
    denormalized data source

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  18. INSPIRE With GeoServer – Upcoming Improvements

    Improve stored queries support

    Fix known bugs

    Performance improvements (always !)
    ⚫ Improve SQL encoding of filters on nested properties

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  19. That’s all!
    [email protected]

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