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MapStore and geOrchestra, a match made in heaven

MapStore and geOrchestra, a match made in heaven

At the end of 2019 the work to integrate MapStore as a new WebGIS viewer for the geOrchestra SDI started with the goal to create a new, more ergonomic, modular and customizable WebGIS based on updated technologies for geOrchestra.

The project led to a significant evolution of the MapStore product by developing a lot of interesting new tools and enhancements to the MapStore framework. The first integration received positive feedback from the geOrchestra community but also from those who were already using MapStore as a standalone application as well as from GeoNode users.

This great collaboration is progressing fruitfully even today where further evolutions and developments are expected for 2022, including new features and functionalities for MapStore

Simone Giannecchini

August 31, 2022

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  1. Lorenzo Natali Tobia di Pisa GeoSolutions MapStore and geOrchestra, a

    match made in heaven
  2. GeoSolutions • Offices in Italy & US, Worldwide clients •

    30+ collaborators, 25+ Engineers • Our products • Our Offer Enterprise Support Services Deployment Subscription Professional Training Customized Solutions GeoNode
  3. Affiliations We strongly support Open Source, it Is in our

    core We actively participate in OGC working groups and get funded to advance new open standards We support standards critical to GEOINT
  4. 2021 Development of Extensions Many improvements to the existing integration

    2022 Integrations of Dashboards and Geostories Performance improvements … 2019 Start Work started at the end of 2019 to integrate MapStore as a WebGIS viewer for the geOrchestra SDI 2020 geOrchestra 20.1.0 First integration of MapStore - Map Viewer - Data directory - Context manager History
  5. Application Context Manager An administrative tool made to build and

    share custom map viewers, with different tools. Wizard Custom viewers
  6. Extension System A system that allows to develop and distribute

    extensions( e.g. tools) as a zip file, to be installed, activated and used at runtime in an existing MapStore installation of any kind
  7. MapStore Data Directory Makes more portable and manageable the MapStore

    configuration and installed extensions, holding installation specific configurations, keeping them across updes
  8. …and a lot more Map Viewport CRS Management Translations Measure

    tool Data Sources Snap to layer
  9. This is the power of communities GeoNode geOrchestra Helping each

    other to get to the top !
  10. The End Thank you lorenzo.natali@geosolutionsgroup.com tobia.dipisa@geosolutionsgroup.com info@geosolutionsgroup.com