The last infrastructure talk for web developers @ PHP Serbia Conference 2018

The last infrastructure talk for web developers @ PHP Serbia Conference 2018


Slobodan Stojanović

May 27, 2018


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    Slobodan Stojanovic CTO @ Cloud Horizon co-author of Serverless Apps

    with Node and Claudia.js @slobodan_
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    @slobodan_ • you solve the problem you worked on last

    couple of days in just five minutes this morning • you successfully implemented a new tool/framework on your new project • you receive an awesome feedback from your customer • you work on interesting problems in an awesome team • you have a brilliant new idea, and you can't stop coding it
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    @slobodan_ • spending two days trying to setup vagrant/homestad for

    a project you just jumped in • setup a dev server, because that's no one's job but you need it • apply new security patches on all of the servers • try to figure out how to do yet another thing with Docker • try to sell yet another necessary refactoring to your client or boss
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    @slobodan_ • you have an important demo, you worked hard

    on for a few weeks, and it just doesn't work on the server • you have server and application issues during an important event or advertising campaign • one of your Wordpress sites is hacked • you need to fix an urgent issue during the weekend or in the middle of the first vacation you had in a few years
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    @slobodan_ Serverless computing is a cloud-computing execution model in which

    the cloud provider dynamically manages the allocation of machine resources.
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    @slobodan_ Pricing is based on the actual amount of resources

    consumed by an application, rather than on pre-purchased units of capacity.
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    @slobodan_ • Autoscaling • Pay for used capacity only •

    No server maintenance • Short time to market • Cheap
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    @slobodan_ Most of the time we use big companies, such

    as Netflix or Facebook, as role models for our tech. They do amazing things, but are they really good role models for small companies?
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    @slobodan_ You'll never have most of the problems they have.

    Should you use the same best practices?
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    @slobodan_ • simplifies my apps • allows small teams to

    move fast and accomplish more • function isolation • managed infrastructure + autoscaling • code reusability • financial incentives for refactoring
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    @slobodan_ It also reduces the amount of back end code*

    * probably not the smartest thing to say on BE conference :)
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    @slobodan_ "Oh, and I only hire front-end developers at this

    point. I have been the sole DevOps/backend/ middle-tier developer in the last two companies I started, and it’s been fine." Joe Emison (@JoeEmison)
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    @slobodan_ "With AppSync I could continue to be the CTO,

    do all the backend and middle-tier code, and support up to probably about a hundred front-end developers before I would need a dedicated backend developer." Joe Emison (@JoeEmison)
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    @slobodan_ "There's a difference between managed infrastructure and managed compute.

    You're fully serverless only when both infrastructure and compute are managed" Ben Kehoe (@ben11kehoe)
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    @slobodan_ "Transition to the #cloud: treat servers like cattle, not

    pets. Transition to #serverless cloud architecture: treat servers like roaches" Ben Kehoe (@ben11kehoe)
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    @slobodan_ • team of mostly front end developers + one

    DevOps • Ruby on Rails backend • many preprocessors that needs full isolation • > 200k requests/hour in peak • unexpected peaks (you never know when some pen will become popular)
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    @slobodan_ • shorter time to market • front end devs

    can deploy production-ready preprocessors without DevOps help • autoscaling and isolation • superpowers for front end developers
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    @slobodan_ It enables orgs to track app exceptions and errors

    without having to choose between the convenience of SaaS and the security of a self-hosted solution.
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    @slobodan_ • convenient and secure • cheap and scalable •

    one click installation from Serverless AppRepo • GDPR friendly :)
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    @slobodan_ • small in-company startup (1-2 developers) • Slack chatbot

    + API + Angular dashboard • current cost of the infrastructure: $0
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    @slobodan_ • small team • reusable parts for the next

    product • short time to market • cheap infrastructure • easy refactoring and changes
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    @slobodan_ • do not be religious about your framework and

    tools • be open-minded and embrace new technology • your job is to understand and empower the business, use the best tools to accomplish that • check out serverless, it might help you
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    @slobodan_ Serverless Apps with Node and Claudia.js Use ctwphpsrb18 promo

    code for 40% off @slobodan_
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