Casestudy: Product Development

Casestudy: Product Development



July 02, 2013


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  2. The  Aim  of  This  Report   SocialSense      |      |       Powered  by  Brandwatch      |   Background       •  Grillstock   asked   us   to   produce   a   simple,   unbiased   report   analysing   current   trends   in   peoples’   interests  and  online  conversaPons  surrounding  the  UK  BBQ  industry.     •  The    purpose  of  this  analysis  was  to  help  Grillstock  idenPfy  what  products  customers  may  want   to  see  on  the  shelf,  and/or  how  Grillstock  should  posiPon  and  differenPate  their  products  to  be   aligned  with  current  consumer  wants.         Report  Outcome       •  Grillstock   have   used   our   analysis   in   the   development   of   their   new   sauces.   Currently   under   experimentaDon  are  a  new  sauce  aimed  at  the  home  sandwich  market,  and  a  new  sauce  for   the  takeaway  market  with  an  alcohol-­‐based  theme.   •  Based  off  our  analysis,  Grillstock  have  pivoted  away  from  focusing  exclusively  on  pulled  pork,   and  are  exploring  various  BBQ  chicken  recipes  in  their  new  restaurant.   •  Our   analysis   of   trends   in   fashions   over   Dme   has   led   Grillstock   to   experiment   various   BBQ-­‐ themed  snacks  and  take-­‐away  side  orders.      (We  are  unable  to  disclose  further  details  out  of  respect  for  Grillstock’s  privacy)     •  Grillstock  have  incorporated  our  analysis  of  the  USA’s  commercialisaDon  of  social  media  in  the   BBQ  industry  into  their  own  online  markeDng  strategies.  New  techniques  have  been  launched   to  encourage  customer  loyalty,  and  raise  online  publicity  surrounding  the  brand.    (We  are  unable  to  disclose  further  details  out  of  respect  for  Grillstock’s  privacy)     In  order  to  respect  Grillstock’s  privacy,  certain  conclusions  and  sec6ons  of  the  report  have  been  omi;ed.  This   sample  report  is  for  illustra6ve  purposes  of  our  work  and  ability  only.     1  
  3. Data  &  Methodology   SocialSense      |

         |       Powered  by  Brandwatch      |   0   500   1000   1500   2000   2500   3000   1.1.12   1.3.12   1.5.12   1.7.12   1.9.12   1.11.12   1.1.13   1.3.13   53,997  menPons   Related  to  BBQs,  01-­‐Jan  to  31-­‐Mar  2013   9,371   MENTIONS   BBQ  Meats    6,473    MENTIONS    Branded  Sauces      13,394      MENTIONS    Sauces   Current  Period   01-­‐Mar  –  31-­‐Mar   •  We  analysed  peoples’  interests  within  the  UK  BBQ  industry  for  the  recent  period  of  1-­‐Jan  to  31-­‐ Mar  2013,  and  invesPgated  how  interests  trended  over  Pme  for  the  period  1-­‐Jan-­‐’12  to  31-­‐Mar’13.   •  We  further  conducted  a  deeper  analysis  into  consumers’  interests  and  discussions  regarding  BBQ   sauces,  the  single  most  spoken  about  topic.     2  
  4. ExecuDve  Summary   •  BBQ   flavours   and  

    sauces   were   the   most   spoken   about   topics.   There   were   more   posts   from   people  using  BBQ  sauces  on  fast  food,  sandwiches  and  their  breakfast  than  there  were  menPons   of  people  having  pit  barbecues.       •  BBQ   sauces   were   predominantly   used   with   fast   food   (especially   chips   and   chicken   nuggets),   followed  by  fried  breakfasts  (eggs,  bacon,  sausages),  and  home-­‐made  sandwiches.       •  Sauces   were   referred   to   by   their   brand,   not   their   flavour.   Any   flavour   menPons   were   within   brand   context,   e.g.   HP’s   Classic   Woodsmoke   BBQ   Flavour.   Outside   of   branded   menPons   BBQ   sauce  was  leb  unbranded  simply  as  ‘BBQ  sauce’,  e.g.  BBQ  flavoured  sauce  on  McDonald’s  chips  –   there  was  no  discussion  of  unbranded  sauces  having  different  flavours.       •  Alcohol  associated  BBQ  sauces  are  becoming  fashionable.  40%  of  the  voice  surrounding  branded   BBQ  sauces  was  about  Jack  Daniels  and  Budweiser  BBQ  sauces.  Restaurants  that  offered  these   sauces  received  publicity;  TGI  Friday’s  was  repeatedly  menPoned  for  offering  Jack  Daniels  BBQ   Sauce.     •  Comments  about  the  taste  of  these  alcohol  sauces  were  very  mixed.  Approximately  2/3  of  the   comments  were  posiPve,  1/3  negaPve.     •  HP   BBQ   Sauce   was   the   single   most   spoken   about   branded   sauce,   with   “Classic   Woodsmoke”   being   the   most   popular   flavour.   MenPons   for   HP   and   Heinz   BBQ   sauces   suggested   incredibly   strong  brand  loyalty.         •  53%  of  all  meat  discussion  was  about  chicken,  and  a  further  24%  was  about  pork.  Turkey,  lamb   and  sausages  received  few  menPons.       •  Cooking   method   menPons   differed   by   meat.   The   most   discussed   ways   to   serve   barbecued   chicken  were  served  with  rice,  served  wrapped  in  bacon,  and  served  with  chips.  Pork  and  beef   cooking  discussions  resembled  a  more  American  BBQ  style,  with  pulled  pork,  shoulder  pork  and   beef  brisket  slow  cooking  being  the  favourite  styles.       •  Mixing  Coca-­‐Cola  with  pulled  pork  is  a  new  trending  recipe.   SocialSense      |      |       Powered  by  Brandwatch      |   3  
  5. Contents   SocialSense      |    

     |       Powered  by  Brandwatch      |   Current  BBQ  Discussion            5     •  BBQ  Sauce              7     •  BBQ  Meats              8   •  Other                10   Historical  PerspecDve            11     •  Current  Interests  Over  Time          12     •  Seasonal  Trends              13     •  Special  Events              14     BBQ  Sauces                16     •  HP  &  Heinz              17     •  Jack  Daniels  &  Budweiser          19     •  Nandos  &  Reggae  Reggae          21       BBQ  in  the  USA              23       Contact  Us                26       4  
  6. Current  BBQ   Discussion  

  7. Current  BBQ  Discussion   •  BBQ  flavours  and  sauces  received

     the  majority  of  anenPon.  There  were  more  posts  from  people   using  BBQ  sauces  on  fast  food,  sandwiches  and  their  breakfast  than  there  were  menDons  of   people  having  pit  barbecues.       •  Our  search  found  53,997  results  relevant  to  the  UK  BBQ  industry  for  the  recent  quarter;  1-­‐Jan  to   31-­‐Mar  2013.     •  The  following  topic  groups  received  the  greatest  amount  of  online  anenPon:    BBQ  Flavour,   Sauces    13,394  menPons   BBQ     Chicken   4,967  menPons    BBQ      Pringles   787  menPons    BBQ  Area,      Holiday  Home    379  menPons   Tesco   Burgers   918  menPons   SocialSense      |      |       Powered  by  Brandwatch      |   6  
  8. SocialSense      |      |       Powered  by  Brandwatch      |   BBQ  Sauce       •  BBQ  Sauce  was  the  single  most  spoken  about  topic.     •  People   predominantly   menDoned   they   were   using   BBQ   flavoured   sauces   with   fast   food   (especially  chips  and  chicken  nuggets),  followed  by  fried  breakfasts  (eggs,  bacon,  sausages),   and  home-­‐made  sandwiches.  There  was  linle  culture  of  people  having  American  style  barbecued   pork  and  ribs  (with  or  without  sauce)  at  home.     •  Sauces  aimed  at  home  sandwich  and  breakfast  use  were  consequently  the  most  popular.  HP   BBQ  flavoured  sauce  was  the  single  most  menPoned,  with  30%  of  branded  sauce  voice.   •  The  emphasis  was  on  brand.  BBQ  sauces  were  referred  to  by  their  brand,  not  their  flavour.  Any   flavour  menPons  were  within  brand  context,  e.g.  HP’s  Classic  Woodsmoke  BBQ  Flavour.  Outside   of  branded  menPons  BBQ  sauce  was  leb  unbranded  simply  as  ‘BBQ  sauce’,  e.g.  BBQ  flavoured   sauce   on   McDonald’s   chips   –   there   was   no   discussion   of   unbranded   sauces   having   different   flavours.     •  40%  of  the  voice  surrounding  branded  BBQ  sauces  was  about  Jack  Daniels  and  Budweiser  BBQ   sauces.  BBQ  Sauces  containing  alcohol  are  the  new  fashion.  People  posted  their  enthusiasm   upon   discovering   these   sauces   exist,   and   restaurants   that   offered   alcohol   associated   sauces   received  publicity.     Current  BBQ  Discussion   28-­‐Jun-­‐10   28-­‐Oct-­‐10   28-­‐Feb-­‐11   30-­‐Jun-­‐11   31-­‐Oct-­‐11   29-­‐Feb-­‐12   30-­‐Jun-­‐12   31-­‐Oct-­‐12   28-­‐Feb-­‐13   Jack  Daniels   Budweiser   Jack  Daniels  and  Budweiser  menPons  over  Pme   Nr.  MenPons   7  
  9. SocialSense      |      |       Powered  by  Brandwatch      |   BBQ  Meats       •  53%   of   all   meat   discussion   was   about   chicken.   Approximately   half   of   chicken   menPons   came   from  people  preparing  food  at  home,  and  half  were  from  people  talking  about  fast  food;  mostly   chicken   nuggets.   Discussion   surrounding   the   other   meats   was   predominantly   centred   around   home  cooking.  There  was  no  indicaDon  of  BBQ  restaurant  culture.                                                 •  Cooking  method  discussions  differed  by  meat.  The  most  spoken  about  ways  to  serve  barbecued   chicken  were:      -­‐  served  with  rice    -­‐  served  wrapped  in  bacon    -­‐  served  with  chips   Whole  barbecued  chicken,  chicken  wings  and  drumsPcks  were  equally  menPoned.     Pork  and  beef  cooking  discussions  resembled  a  more  American  BBQ  style.  Pulled  pork,  shoulder   pork   and   beef   brisket   slow   cooking   were   the   most   menPoned   styles.   Mixing   Coca-­‐Cola   with   pulled  pork  was  a  popular  new  trending  recipe.   53%   11%   24%   4%   2%   6%   Chicken   Beef   Pork   Sausages   Turkey   Lamb   9,371   MENTIONS   BBQ  Meats   Current  BBQ  Discussion   8  
  10. SocialSense      |      |       Powered  by  Brandwatch      |   •  Turkey,  lamb  and  sausages  received  few  menPons.     •  Most  of  the  content  for  lamb  consisted  of  blogs  and  forums  promoDng  lamb  as  an  alternaDve   BBQ   food.   The   most   popular   recipes   were   lamb   chops   and   barbecued   kebabs.   Some   of   the   promoPng  websites  were  popular,  e.g.  www.them-­‐  which  received  4515  backlinks.             Indian  lamb  kebabs   These  skewers  of  lamb  are  perfect  for  the  barbecue  and  make  a  good   alterna6ve  to  the  normal  barbecue  standards  of  burnt  sausages  and   undercooked  chicken.  They’re  easy  to  make,  and  cook  in  just  a  few   minutes.  It’s  be;er  if  the  lamb  is  cooked  slightly  pink.  The  flavourings   here  are  most  definitely  Indian,  a  heady  mix  of  chili,  garlic...                                   www.them-­‐                             •  Tesco  burgers  came  up  as  a  topic  due  to  Tesco  receiving  criPcism  for  its  horse  meat  scandal.  There   was  linle  construcPve  informaPon  in  these  posts  regarding  customers’  purchasing  interests.     •  Forums  played  a  key  role  in  online  meat  discussions.  People  mainly  discussed  inexpensive  places   to  buy  quality  food,  and  BBQ  recipes;  in  that  order.  Recipe  discussions  focusing  on  which  side   orders  to  serve  with  meats  were  the  most  viewed.            11%            6%              31%    <  1%    34%          3%      11%          1%           Current  BBQ  Discussion   9  
  11. SocialSense      |      |       Powered  by  Brandwatch      |       Other     •  There  were  numerous  results  from  various  travel  agent  websites;  agents  adverPsing  a  BBQ  area   as  part  of  a  holiday  home  package.  These  results  were  however  from  professional  websites;  this   was  not  a  topic  that  Grillstock’s  target  customers  spoke  about.     •  The   two   most   acDve   forums   for   BBQ   meat   discussions   were   Yahoo   Answers   and   Money   Supermarket.  We  recommend  monitoring  these  for  the  latest  meat  trends.       Site  Visitors:  410,000,000  per  month           Backlinks:  755,736      Site  Visitors:  6,000,000  per  month            Backlinks:  5371   Current  BBQ  Discussion   10  
  12. Historical   PerspecPve  

  13. Historical  PerspecDve   •  We  analysed  trends  over  Pme  in

     people’s  interests  and  fashions  within  the  UK  BBQ  industry.  To   compliment   our   earlier   analysis   of   Q1   2013,   our   period   of   study   covers   01-­‐Jan-­‐2012   to   31-­‐ Dec-­‐2012.     •  We  focused  on  3  areas:     (i)    How  did  people’s  current  discussion  interests  (between  01-­‐Jan-­‐2013  to  31-­‐Mar-­‐2013)   hold  over  the  past  year?  Are  these  sustained  interests?     (ii)      Seasonal  trends  over  the  year.     (iii)    Special  events.  Do  barbecues  form  part  of  the  public  holiday  culture?               (i)    Current  Interests  Over  Time         SocialSense      |      |       Powered  by  Brandwatch      |   0   10   20   30   40   50   60   70   80   27-­‐Dec-­‐10   27-­‐Mar-­‐11   27-­‐Jun-­‐11   27-­‐Sep-­‐11   27-­‐Dec-­‐11   27-­‐Mar-­‐12   27-­‐Jun-­‐12   27-­‐Sep-­‐12   27-­‐Dec-­‐12   %  Chicken   %  Pork   %  Beef   %  Sausages   %Turkey   %  Lamb   %   %  of  Meat  MenPons   •  For   the   period   Jan   2011   –   Mar   2013,   there   were   no   significant   changes   in   the   proporDon   of   discussions  surrounding  each  meat.       •  Chicken  remained  by  far  the  most  discussed,  comprising  40%  -­‐  60%  of  all  menPons.  Pork  was  the   second  most  discussed,  with  15%  -­‐  30%  of  total  voice.       12  
  14. Historical  PerspecDve   (ii)    Seasonal  Trends      

    SocialSense      |      |       Powered  by  Brandwatch      |     1 Jan           1 Feb         1 Mar         1 Apr           1 May         1 Jun         1 Jul         1 Aug           1 Sep         1 Oct         1 Nov           1 Dec           1 Jan           1 Feb     VIDEOS TWITTER NEWS IMAGES GENERAL SITES FORUMS BLOG   1-­‐Jan  –  31-­‐Mar   Q1   1-­‐Apr  –  30-­‐Jun   Q2   1-­‐Jul  –  30-­‐Sep   Q3   1-­‐Oct  –  31-­‐Dec   Q4   Current  Period   •  To  form  an  understanding  of  seasonal  panerns  in  consumer  interests  in  the  BBQ  industry,  we   have  provided  a  brief  overview  analysis  for  each  individual  quarter.           45,576     MenPons     88,478     MenPons     75,331     MenPons     39,891     MenPons   In   order   to   respect   Grillstock’s   privacy,   the   following   secDon   has   been   omiced:  pages  …  -­‐  …   This  sample  report  is  for  illustraDve  purposes  of  our  work  and  ability  only.     13  
  15. SocialSense      |      |       Powered  by  Brandwatch      |   Historical  PerspecDve     1 Jan           1 Feb         1 Mar         1 Apr           1 May         1 Jun         1 Jul         1 Aug           1 Sep         1 Oct         1 Nov           1 Dec           1 Jan           1 Feb     VIDEOS TWITTER NEWS IMAGES GENERAL SITES FORUMS BLOG   BANK  HOLIDAY   DATE   PERIOD  ANALYSED   NR.  MENTIONS  ANALYSED   Easter   6-­‐Apr  to  9-­‐Apr   3-­‐Apr  to  12-­‐Apr   10,165   Early  May  Bank  Holiday   7-­‐May   4-­‐May  to  10-­‐May   7,255   Spring  Bank  Holiday   4-­‐Jun   1-­‐Jun  to  7-­‐Jun   11,042   Bacle  of  the  Boyne  (N.  Ireland)   12-­‐Jul   9-­‐Jul  to  15-­‐Jul   6,196   Summer  Bank  Holiday  (Scotland)   6-­‐Aug   3-­‐Aug  to  9-­‐Aug   6,487   Summer  Bank  Holiday  (England  &  Wales)   27-­‐Aug   24-­‐Aug  to  30-­‐Aug   5,161   St.  Andrew’s  Day  (Scotland)   30-­‐Nov   27-­‐Nov  to  3-­‐Dec   3,024   7  -­‐  May   4  -­‐  Jun   12  -­‐  Jul   6  -­‐  Aug   27  -­‐  Aug   30  -­‐  Nov   6  -­‐  9  Apr   (iii)    Special  Events     •  We  analysed  BBQ  menPons  surrounding        (i)    Bank  holidays        (ii)  Special  events  in  2012;  The  Diamond  Jubilee  and  The  London  Olympics         27th  July  –  12th  Aug   London  Olympics   5th  June   Diamond  Jubilee  Extended  Weekend   BANK  HOLIDAYS:   Bank  Holiday  details:   14  
  16. Historical  PerspecDve   •  For  each  Bank  Holiday,  we  analysed

     the  7-­‐day  period  covering  3  days  before  and  3  days  aber  the   holiday  date.     •  Our  analysis  data  surrounding  the  Diamond  Jubilee  and  the  London  Olympics  was  based  on  the   following  volume  of  menPons:       Diamond   Jubilee   13,280  menPons    London    Olympics    36,180  menPons   SocialSense      |      |       Powered  by  Brandwatch      |   In   order   to   respect   Grillstock’s   privacy,   the   following   secDon   has   been   omiced:  pages  …  -­‐  …   This  sample  report  is  for  illustraDve  purposes  of  our  work  and  ability  only.     15  
  17. BBQ  Sauces  

  18. BBQ  Sauces   SocialSense      |  

       |       Powered  by  Brandwatch      |   •  We  conducted  a  deeper  examinaPon  into  BBQ  Sauce  menPons,  the  most  spoken  about  topic.       •  People  spoke  about  sauces  by  their  brand  name  rather  than  by  their  unique  flavour;  each  sauce   seemed  to  have  its  own  ‘niche’.  We  invesPgated  the  online  discussions  surrounding  the  various   sauces  on  the  market.           HP  &  Heinz   •  All  the  menPons  came  from  people  using  these  sauces  with  their  cooking  at  home,  or  takeaways   they  have  brought  back  home.  HP  and  Heinz  BBQ  sauces  were  associated  with  adding  BBQ   flavour  to  sandwiches,  or  being  used  as  a  dips  for  wraps  and  sausage  rolls.                           30  %   11  %   11  %   8  %   29  %   11  %   HP   Reggae  Reggae   Nandos   Heinz   Jack  Daniels   Budweiser   6,473   MENTIONS   Branded  Sauces   e.g.     17  
  19. •  The  menDons  for  both  HP  and  Heinz  BBQ  sauces

     suggested  incredibly  strong  brand  loyalty.  HP   was  furthermore  the  most  spoken  about  sauce.  People  praised  HP  for  its  disPncPve  taste,  with   some   even   commenPng   that   a   cheaper   alternaPve   would   be   out   of   the   quesPon.   This   was   however   for   home   kitchen   use;   there   was   no   evidence   of   people   choosing   these   sauces   at   restaurants.     •  Heinz   BBQ   sauce   was   menPoned   in   a   very   similar   context   to   HP,   though   received   fewer   menPons.       •  For  HP  Sauce,  “Classic  Woodsmoke”  was  the  predominantly  praised  flavour.  “BBQ  Honey”  was   the  second  most  menPoned.         BBQ  Sauces   e.g.     SocialSense      |      |       Powered  by  Brandwatch      |   18  
  20. BBQ  Sauces   Jack  Daniels  &  Budweiser     • 

    There  is  no  doubt  that  the  popularity  of  these  two  sauces  came  from  their  associaDon  with   large  alcohol  brands.  Licle  was  said  about  what  they  actually  taste  like.  Most  comments  came   from  people  expressing  their  excitement  and  enthusiasm  that  they  have  discovered  these  sauces   exists,  or  from  people  announcing  that  they  have  just  tried  one  for  the  first  Pme.       •  There  was  a  trend  for  people  to  mix  the  HP  and  Heinz  sauces  together  with  other  sauces.  We   did  not  observe  this  for  any  of  the  other  BBQ  sauces  we  analysed.  Popular  mixers  were  ketchup   and  unspecified  brand  “BBQ  sauce”.   •  Posts  for  HP  and  Heinz  were  very  posiPve.  A  handful  of  people  however  complained  about  the   design  of  the  tradiPonal  bonle;  how  the  sauce  comes  out  all  at  once  in  large  chunks.   e.g.     e.g.     SocialSense      |      |       Powered  by  Brandwatch      |   e.g.     19  
  21. BBQ  Sauces       •  The  results  indicate  that

     these  sauces  are  a  novelty,  and  their  alcohol  associaDon  presents  an   interesDng   concept   to   customers.   These   sauces   were   not   household   names,   unlike   HP   and   Heinz.   •  Comments   about   the   taste   of   these   sauces   were   very   mixed.   Approximately   2/3   of   the   comments  were  posiPve,  1/3  negaPve.                               PosiPve:   66  %     NegaPve:   33  %     e.g.     SocialSense      |      |       Powered  by  Brandwatch      |   20  
  22. BBQ  Sauces     •  Restaurants  that  offered  these  sauces

     received  acenDon.  People  were  excited  about  the  idea   of  trying  food  with  a  branded  alcohol  sauce.  TGI  Friday’s  was  repeatedly  menPoned  for  offering   Jack  Daniels  BBQ  Sauce.                                 SocialSense      |      |       Powered  by  Brandwatch      |   e.g.     Nandos  &  Reggae  Reggae     •  Nandos  and  Reggae  Reggae  both  received  praise  from  loyal  customers  for  their  sharp,  disPncPve   flavours.   Both   sauces   were   used   for   home   cooking,   however   these   sauces   received   far   less   anenPon  than  HP  or  Heinz.       e.g.     21  
  23. BBQ  Sauces   SocialSense      |  

       |       Powered  by  Brandwatch      |       •  The  majority  of  comments  suggested  people  use  these  more  niche,  upmarket  sauces  alongside   more  tradiDonal  cooking,  rather  than  to  add  BBQ  flavour  to  their  fast  food  and  sandwiches  as   with  Heinz  and  HP  BBQ  sauces.  The  most  common  forms  of  food  menPoned  were  chicken,  fried   breakfast,  and  crisps.       •  As  stated  above,  there  was  a  trend  of  people  using  both  of  these  sauces  with  crisps,  especially   Pringles  and  Doritos.         •  Nearly  all  comments  were  posiPve.  A  few  people  trying  these  sauces  for  the  first  Pme  however   commented  that  they  are  much  honer  than  they  were  expecPng.                     e.g.     e.g.     22  
  24. BBQ  in  the  USA  

  25. BBQ  in  the  USA   SocialSense      |      |       Powered  by  Brandwatch      |   •  We  analysed  BBQ  related  online  posts  and  discussions  in  the  USA  for  the  recent  period  01-­‐Jan   to   31-­‐Mar   2013.   We   focused   on   idenDfying   lessons   from   the   USA’s   more   developed   BBQ   industry  that  could  bring  immediate  commercial  value  to  a  UK  company.     •  Our  results  show  the  USA’s  barbecue  industry  has  commercialised  the  use  of  social  media  to   engage  customers  on  a  much  deeper  scale  than  in  the  UK.   •  Automated   messages   and   menPon   volumes   from   sources   such   as   Foursquare   check   ins,   compePPons  and  offers  dwarf  out  individual  topics  and  consumer  generated  forums.     •  Foursquare  check  ins  generated  a  greater  number  of  menDons  than  any  other  topic,  with   people  checking  into  BBQ  restaurants,  or  achieving  and/or  commenPng  on  their  BBQ  “Porky   Badge”.  Every  Pme  someone  achieves  a  higher  Porky  Badge  level,  the  following  automated   message  was  posted:   “I  just  unlocked  the  “Porky”  badge  on  @foursquare  for  checking  in  to  barbecue  spots!  Brisket  all   around!”           Foursquare’s  Porky  Badge       The   Porky   Badge   is   a   collecPble   profile   badge   on   Foursquare,   where   users   progress  onto  higher  levels  by  checking  into  more  venues  via  Foursquare.       To  level  up  users  need  to  check  into  the  same  BBQ  venue  5  Pmes,  or  check  in  at   3  different  BBQ  venues.       In   order   to   respect   Grillstock’s   privacy,   the   following   secDon   has   been   omiced:  pages  …  -­‐  …   This  sample  report  is  for  illustraDve  purposes  of  our  work  and  ability  only.     24  
  26. None
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