SocialSense: Our Products and Services

SocialSense: Our Products and Services



July 15, 2013


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  2. We are a research agency specializing in the analysis of

    online conversations, consumer generated content and social media data. ! Very simply, we monitor and analyse peoples’ online conversations on every type of website.!       We  can  iden@fy  and  filter  out  your  target  customer  group  within  the  internet  and  develop  insights  into  these  peoples’   conversa@ons  and  interests,  their  consumer  preferences,  and  their  views  on  specific  brands  and  products.     We  use  this  analysis  to  recommend  ac@ons  and  provide  commercial  intelligence  to  our  clients  that  will  directly  help   them  make  more  profit.     At SocialSense we have a simple, bottom-line focus; We research ways for our clients to make more profit.   We  only  give  our  customers  informa@on  that  we  can  demonstrate  will  make  a  clear  improvement  to  their  boLom-­‐line.    
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    "blah" "blah" "blah" "blah" "blah" "blah" "blah" "blah" "blah" "blah" "blah" "blah" "blah" "blah" "blah" In 2012, 33 million people in the UK aged 16-50 accessed the internet every day 82.5% to use social media and content-sharing websites 84% to find or share information about products and services
  4. Online data analysis has become the most powerful customer intelligence.

    People today spend more time reviewing products online than they do on the high street. People use reviews, blogs, forums, and social media posts and shares on the internet to form their commercial decisions.
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  6. Using algorithms and our qualitative experience we analyse online data

    to study your target customers’ interests, their consumer preferences, and their views on specific brands and products. The information we have been able to give our clients has made a dramatic impact to their bottom line. Product  Improvement     Develop new products or improve your existing products by listening to your customers’ opinions and interests.! Marke@ng  &  Brand  Image     Acquire new customers and maximize the retention of your existing customers by creating a differentiated brand aligned with your target customers’ interests.! ! Our work falls under 2 broad categories:     We are the consulting arm of Brandwatch.    
  7.  Product   Improvement  

  8. Our Products: Product Improvement! Intelligence  on  the   popularity  of

     your   compe@tors’  products;   including  ones  you  may  not   currently  offer.  Conclusions   from  the  reviews  and   comments  made  about   them.   Insights  into  what   influences  your  target   customers’  purchasing   interests.  e.g.  Do  they   prefer  quality  or   discounts?   Insights  into     what  is  popular     and/or  receiving  the   most  aLen@on  in  your   industry  at  the   moment.   Intelligence  on     the  features  of     your  proposed  new   products.  Assessment   of  their  poten@al   popularity.   Analysis  of  how     fashions  and  trends     change  over  @me.  What   the  current  fashions  are   among  your  customer   group,  and  whether  they   are  dying  out  or  building   momentum.   •  Product  Development  :  Intelligence  gathered  to  guide  the  development  of  new  products.     Develop  New  Products   Assess  Exis@ng  Products   SocialSense      |   Brandwatch      |  
  9. •  Product   Assessment:   Intelligence   gathered   to

      cri@cally   assess   the   popularity   of   your   exis@ng   products,   and/or   the   alignment  of  your  exis@ng  products  with  current  fashions.   Clear,  detailed     summary  of  what  has     been  said  about  your   products  across  the  web;  on   TwiLer,  Facebook,  product   review  websites,  blogs  and   forums,  etc.  Areas  for   improvement  will  be   iden@fied.   If  liLle  or  no     meaningful  conversa@ons   about  your  products  exist,   insights  into  their  popularity   can  be  gathered  by  analysing     a  range  of  comparable   products  that  share  similar   characteris@cs.     Intelligence     gathered  comparing     the  popularity  of  your   products  against  the   popularity  of  your   compe@tors’     products.     Intelligence  that    highlights  gaps  between     your  current  products  and     what  the  market  really  wants.   An  analysis  of  what  is  currently   popular  among  your  target   customers,  compared     against  your  current     product  range.   Develop  New  Products   Assess  Exis@ng  Products   Our Products: Product Improvement! SocialSense      |   Brandwatch      |  
  10. Product     Improvement   “  On  ‘XYZ’  date  we

      changed  our  product  ‘X’.   Analyze  which  has  been   more  popular.  “   “  Analyze  how  our  product   ‘X’  compares  against  our   rival’s  product  ‘Y’.  ”   “  Our  compe@tors  have  the   following  4  products  which   we  do  not  offer.  Analyze   how  popular  these   products  are…”   “  A  rival  is  expanding  into  our   market.  How  likely  are  they   to  steal  business?  What  do   customers  think?  How  much   aLen@on  does  this  new   development  receive?  “   “  We  are  considering  introducing  5   new  products.  Find  evidence  to   support  the  poten@al  popularity  of   each  one…    (e.g.  review  similar   products,  fashions  etc.)  “   “  What  new  products   could  we  develop?   What  interests  our   target  customers  within   our  industry?  (e.g.  BBQ   industry;  is  it  spicy   food?  Is  a  viral  Mexican   food  advert  sejng  the   trend?)  “   “  What  interests  our  target   customer  group  in  general?   Do  they  dream  of  summer   holidays?  Do  customers  want   discounts?  Are  there  seasonal   changes?“   “  For  our  product  ‘X’,   detail  all  cri@cisms  and   improvement  areas…  “   What  do   customers   think  of  our   compe@tor’s   products?   What  do  our       target  customers   really  want?     What  does  the   public  think  of   our  products?   •  Examples  of  Product  Improvement  ques@ons  that  have  come  up  in  our  past  discussions  with  clients:   Our Products: Product Improvement! SocialSense      |   Brandwatch      |  
  11. Marke@ng  &   Brand  Image  

  12. Our Products: Marketing & Brand Image! •  Online  Presence  Improvement:

     Intelligence  gathered  to  assess  and  improve  the  ROI  of  your  marke@ng  and  PR.        Improve  Online  Presence   Assess  Marke@ng  Performance      Tune  Your  Brand  Image   Assessment  of     where  your  company  should   be  engaging  online,  and  how.     Clear  analysis  of  how  conversa@ons   in  your  industry  are  dispersed  across   all  social  media  sites,  forums,  blogs,     general  websites,  etc.  and  their   respec@ve  levels  of  audience  reach.   On  each  site;  detailed  analysis  of   which  topics  are  being  discussed,     in  what  style,  and  conclusions  on   how  best  to  tap  into  these   conversa@ons.     Analysis  of     the  key  influencers     in  your  industry;  tweeters,   blogs,  hobby  websites  etc.   Data  informed  conclusions   on  how  much  of  an     impact  they  make.   Clear,     detailed  breakdown     of  your  compe@tors’  online   presence.  Which  firm  is   domina@ng  which  site,  which   firm  has  expanded  over  @me   on  which  type  of  site,  and   how  the  public  have   responded.   Monthly  or     Quarterly  reports     assessing  your  online  brand   expansion  progress.  Metrics  to   track  your  progress,  and  analysis   sugges@ng  improvements  and   highligh@ng  inefficient  efforts   that  have  received  liLle   audience  aLen@on.     Assessment  of     how  conversa@ons  in     your  sector  have  occurred     over  @me.  Whether   conversa@on  flow  is  steady,   seasonal,  or  characterized  by   drama@c  events,  and   whether  compe@tors  are   taking  advantage    of  this.     SocialSense      |   Brandwatch      |  
  13. •  Brand  Image  Tuning:  Intelligence  gathered  to  assess  how  the

     public  views  your  company  brand,  and  to  improve  your   brand  alignment  with  current  trends  and  fashions.     Insights  into     what  is  popular     and/or  receiving  the  most   aLen@on  in  your  industry  at   the  moment.  Iden@fica@on  of   gaps  between  your  brand   image  and  current,  popular   themes  that  capture  your   target  customer  group’s   aLen@on.   Clear     assessment  of  how     your  company  is  viewed   and  spoken  about.   Comments  and  topics   separated  by  sen@ment   analysis;  any  nega@ve   comments  or  complaints   will  be  detailed.   Analysis  of     How  fashions  and     trends  change  over  @me.   What  the  current  fashions   are  among  your  customer   group,  and  whether  they   are  dying  out  or  building   momentum.      Improve  Online  Presence   Assess  Marke@ng  Performance      Tune  Your  Brand  Image   Our Products: Marketing & Brand Image! SocialSense      |   Brandwatch      |  
  14. •  MarkeBng   Performance   Assessment:   Intelligence   gathered

      to   cri@cally   assess   the   performance   and   impact   of   your   marke@ng  campaigns.   Intelligence     that  highlights  gaps     between  your  current   marke@ng  campaign,  and   what  is  popular  and/or   receiving  the  most   aLen@on  in  your  industry   at  the  moment.   Analysis  of     whether  your  customer   engagement  campaign   has  been  well  executed.   Were  customers   sa@sfied?  Was  the   campaign  simple  to   par@cipate  in?   Assessment     of  your  compe@tors’   current  or  past   marke@ng  efforts.   Lessons  to  be  learnt   from  their  successful   campaigns.   Intelligence     comparing  how  the     Public  have  viewed  and   spoken  about  your  company   over  @me.  To  what  extent   have  your  marke@ng  efforts   changed  or  increased     your  image.   Assessment  of     your  online  marke@ng     success  across  all  websites.     How  your  share  of  online   presence  increased  over  @me,     and  data  to  es@mate  whether  you   engagement  has  reached  a     large  audience.  Your  efforts     can  be  closely  compared     against  your     compe@tors.      Improve  Online  Presence   Assess  Marke@ng  Performance      Tune  Your  Brand  Image   Our Products: Marketing & Brand Image! SocialSense      |   Brandwatch      |  
  15. Marke@ng  &   Brand  Image   “  What  are  people

        saying  about  us  vs.  our   compe@tors?  Which   websites  are  conversa@ons   taking  place  on?  “   “  How  does  our  image  and   presence  today  compare  to   e.g.  6  months  /  1  year  ago?   How  much  of  this  can  be   directly  aLributed  to  our   marke@ng  campaigns?  “   “  Has  our  marke@ng  campaign  (e.g.  online   prizes)  been  well  executed?  e.g.  What  are   par@cipants  saying?  Is  the  campaign  simple  or   too  complicated?  Do  people  like  the  prizes?  “   “  Can  you  provide  a   monthly  statement   of  metrics  and   analysis  about  our   online  marke@ng   performance?  “   Cri@cally  assess   marke@ng   performance   “  We  are  thinking  about   launching  a  ‘XYZ’  new   campaign.    How  well  has   something  like  this  worked  in   the  past  for  other  firms?  Key   lessons  to  take  away?  “   What  is  our   brand  image   and  presence?     How  should     we  be  engaging   online?   “  What  topics  are  people  discussing  online   within  our  industry,  and  on  which  sites?  Are   people  talking  about  problems  we  can  help   with?  Are  people  asking  for  advice  on  which   product  to  buy?  How  should  we  engage   online  with  our  target  customers?  “   “  How  do  conversa@ons  plan  out  over   @me?  Were  there  any  drama@c   events  or  seasonal  changes  that   caused  increases  and/or  spikes  in   conversa@ons?  Did  compe@tors  take   advantage  of  this  to  gain  exposure?  “   “  Among  the  topics  that   are  being  discussed   within  our  industry,  how   and  where  do  brands  fit   in?  How  and  where  are   we  men@oned?  What  is   our  compe@tors’  share  of   voice?  How  much  of  this   is  ‘organic’,  and  how   much  is  a  result  of  online   marke@ng  campaigns?  “   •  Examples  of  Marke@ng  &  Brand  Image  ques@ons  that  have  come  up  in  our  past  discussions  with  clients:   Our Products: Marketing & Brand Image! SocialSense      |   Brandwatch      |  
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    230!     Contact:! The information in this document has been checked for accuracy and completeness, however SocialSENSE shall not be liable for any errors or omissions. The views and opinions expressed in this presentation are those of the authors in their private capacity, and do not represent the views of Heron’s other brands.   Brandwatch      |   SocialSense      |