Casestudy: Marketing & Brand Image

Casestudy: Marketing & Brand Image



July 01, 2013


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  2. SocialSense      |      May  2013    

     |      |       Powered  by  Brandwatch      |   The  Aim  of  This  Report   Background     •  McDonald’s  run  a  promoLonal  campaign  “McDonald’s  Monopoly”  every  year  between  20th  March  and  30th  April.  Food  and   drinks  purchased  in  McDonald’s  restaurants  across  the  UK  come  with  sLckers  containing  codes  which  may  unlock  prizes.       •  This  year  saw  a  change  in  the  format  of  the  compeLLon.  TradiLonally  players  would  collect  sLckers  on  a  “monopoly  board”,   compleLng   street   sets   to   unlock   prizes,   or   hoping   to   find   an   ‘instant   win’   sLcker.   This   year   saw   a   third   addiLon;   a   “guaranteed  win”  where  McDonald’s  customers  could  expect  a  much  more  basic,  lower  Ler  prize  with  each  sLcker.   Purpose  of  This  Report     •  To  analyse  online  data  in  order  to  determine  McDonald’s  UK  customers’  opinions  of  how  well  the  “McDonald’s  Monopoly”   campaign  has  been  structured.       1.  To  develop  insights  into  the  campaign’s  different  win  styles  with  regards  to  their  popularity.    -­‐  Win  styles:  Collect  To  Win,  Instant  Win,  Guaranteed  Win    -­‐  Understand  the  public’s  aatude  towards  this  year’s  new  Guaranteed  Win  addiLon.    -­‐  Detail  any  negaLve  opinions  or  areas  for  improvement.     2.  To  develop  insights  into  the  popularity  of  the  campaign’s  prizes.      -­‐  Build  a  case  for  which  prizes  to  keep,  and  which  to  replace.  Detail  any  areas  for  improvement.       1  
  3. SocialSense      |      May  2013    

     |      |       Our  Data  Analysis   0   250   500   750   1000   01-­‐Jan   15-­‐Jan   29-­‐Jan   12-­‐Feb   26-­‐Feb   12-­‐Mar   26-­‐Mar   09-­‐Apr   23-­‐Apr   07-­‐May   21-­‐May   20-­‐Mar   30-­‐Apr   Campaign  Dates   424,428  menLons   Related  to  McDonald’s   10,216  menLons   Related  to  the  Monopoly  Campaign        1,126        MenFons   MenFons  in  which   people  discussed,  or   expressed  opinions   about  specific  prizes     •  All   UK-­‐based   online   menLons   and   conversaLons   relaLng   to   McDonald’s,   McDonald’s   food   and   McDonald’s   Monopoly   Campaign  and  its  prizes  were  tracked  for  the  period  01-­‐Jan  to  25-­‐May  2013.       •  Results  were  filtered  down  by  Monopoly  Campaign  relevance  to  10,216  for  the  campaign  analysis.  1,126  results  were  found   to  contain  construcLve  insights  into  the  campaign’s  specific  prizes.     Monopoly  Campaign  MenLons   10,216  results     2   Powered  by  Brandwatch      |  
  4. SocialSense      |      May  2013    

     |      |       ExecuFve  Summary   Win  Styles     •  “Collect  To  Win”  was  a  more  popular  compeLLon  format  than  “Instant  Win”.  Customers  felt  that  by  collecLng  sLckers  for  a   prize  they  were  working  their  way  towards  winning  it,  increasing  their  interest  in  the  compeLLon.  We  recommend  building   upon  this  interest  by  increasing  the  number  of  collectables  on  the  board.       •  An  interesLng  trend  made  possible  by  the  “Collect  To  Win”  system  was  McDonald’s  customers  taking  to  Twifer  to  search  for   other  customers  who  had  the  sLckers  they  needed.  15%  of  all  prize  conversaLons  volume  was  people  looking  to  team  up  and   split  the  grand  50k  prize.     •  This  year’s  “Guaranteed  Win”  addiLon  received  mixed  senLment  and  feedback  from  customers.  There  was  lifle  evidence  to   suggest   that   people   are   pleased   and   grateful   to   receive   a   prize,   no   mafer   how   basic,   every   Lme   they   play   McDonald’s   Monopoly.  Instead,  the  senLment  and  nature  of  peoples’  opinions  depended  on  whether  or  not  they  were  saLsfied  with  their   prize.  We  therefore  recommend  a  careful  review  of  the  prizes  based  on  their  popularity.  We  would  further  suggest  offering   customers  the  opLon  to  either  claim  their  prize,  or  to  choose  for  McDonald’s  to  donate  the  value  of  that  prize  to  a  charity.   Customers  would  consequently  walk  away  feeling  proud  of  themselves  for  having  done  a  good  deed,  rather  than  feeling  bifer   about  the  prize  they  did  not  want.   3   Monopoly  Prizes     •  The   50k   prize   was   the   single   most   spoken   about   prize,   accounLng   for   40%   of   all   prize   conversaLons.   It   is   however   quesLonable   whether   the   50k   prize   encouraged   people   to   eat   at   McDonald’s,   as   it   seemed   to   be   more   of   a   pipedream.   Comments  about  mid-­‐Ler  prizes  such  as  the  Xbox  suggested  that  while  less  glamorous,  these  prizes  encouraged  the  most   interest  and  parLcipaLon  in  the  Monopoly  compeLLon,  as  customers  felt  they  stood  a  chance  of  winning.     •  Customers  generally  felt  disappointed  with  the  Honda  Civic  as  a  choice  of  car.  People  criLcized  the  Civic  for  its  unafracLve   design,  or  expressed  their  disappointment  that  the  Honda  has  replaced  last  year’s  Mini.     Powered  by  Brandwatch      |  
  5. SocialSense      |      May  2013    

     |      |       ExecuFve  Summary   •  Basic  prizes  such  as  the  Mini  Ninjas  Game  suffered  from  customers  expressing  their  annoyance  that  they  have  been  awarded   the  same  prize  mulLple  Lmes.  Prizes  that  offered  an  element  of  choice,  or  where  mulLple  wins  were  otherwise  not  a  problem   proved  more  popular.  50  Snapfish  Photos  received  the  most  posiLve  reviews  of  the  basic  prizes.     •  The  discount  voucher  prizes  were  not  popular  in  general.  Customers  complained  that  a  20%  discount  is  “not  a  real  prize”,   while  others  felt  disappointed  that  they  did  not  want  to  buy  the  specific  product  the  discount  could  be  applied  towards  (e.g.   the  mountain  bike).   4   Powered  by  Brandwatch      |  
  6. Contents:     SocialSense      |      May

     2013      |      |       Win  Styles                  6     •  Collect  To  Win                  7     •  Guaranteed  Win                12   Monopoly  Prizes              16     •  50k  Cash                  17     •  Honda  Civic              20     •  Xbox  360                22   •  Snapfish  Free  Prints            24               •  Urbanz  Headphones            25     •  Mini  Ninjas  Game            26                   Contact  Us                29       5   Powered  by  Brandwatch      |  
  7.  Win  Styles  

  8. Win  Styles:    Collect  To  Win   SocialSense    

     |      May  2013      |      |       Collect  To  Win  Encouraged  ParFcipaFon     •  The  majority  of  online  conversaLons  and  comments  have  shown  Collect  To  Win  to  be  a  popular  and  effecLve  compeLLon   format.  Customers  generally  felt  that  by  collecLng  sLckers  for  a  prize  they  were  building  towards  winning  it,  rather  than   simply  playing  a  pure  lofery  –  even  though  staLsLcally  the  odds  of  winning  the  rare  final  sLcker  to  complete  the  set  may  be   no  different.   •  The  majority  of  relevant  comments  indicated  that  collecFng  sFckers  on  the  monopoly  board  made  customers  feel  they  were   working  their  way  closer  to  winning  the  prize,  which  increased  their  interest  in  the  compeFFon.       e.g.     7   Powered  by  Brandwatch      |  
  9. Win  Styles:    Collect  To  Win   SocialSense    

     |      May  2013      |      |         •  We  would  recommend  considering  ways  to  expand  the  Collect  To  Win  system  to  build  on  the  excitement  of  collecFng   towards  a  prize.  Customers  clearly  appeared  far  more  interested  and  excited  about  the  prospect  of  progressively  working   their  way  closer  and  closer  to  a  desirable  prize,  than  simply  hoping  to  win  it  via  an  Instant  Win  fluke.     •  One  idea  could  be  introducing  a  rewards  system,  where  each  Lme  customers  buy  food  they  receive  ‘house’  sLckers  they  may   use  on  any  street  set  on  the  Monopoly  board,  and  e.g.  10  house  sLckers  allow  a  lucky  draw  -­‐    which  could  contain  a  street   sLcker  on  that  set  or  a  different  prize.  AddiLons  of  this  sort  could  help  further  increase  customers’  interest  in  the  Monopoly   game,  and  create  incenLves  to  eat  at  McDonald’s.     8   Powered  by  Brandwatch      |  
  10. Win  Styles:    Collect  To  Win   SocialSense    

     |      May  2013      |      |       Mid-­‐Tier  Prizes     •  Mid-­‐Ler   prizes   received   less   glamour   and   publicity   than   the   50k   grand   prize.   Judging   by   the   comments,   mid-­‐Fer   prizes   however  provided  a  strong  incenFve  for  people  to  repeatedly  eat  at  McDonalds  due  to  the  fact  that  they  felt  they  actually   had  a  shot  at  winning.  The  50k  grand  prize  seemed  to  be  more  of  pipedream.   •  Consequently,  we  believe  it  is  important  to  offer  an  afracLve  range  of  mid-­‐Ler  prizes,  and  adverLse  them  as  a  key  feature  of   the  Monopoly  compeLLon.  The  Collect  To  Win  scheme  works  parLcularly  well  with  these  prize,  leading  people  to  believe  they   are  building  up  towards  winning  a  realisLc  prize.         e.g.     9   Powered  by  Brandwatch      |  
  11. Win  Styles:    Collect  To  Win   SocialSense    

     |      May  2013      |      |       Social  Media  Engagement     •  The  Collect  To  Win  system  has  resulted  in  people  using  TwiVer  to  look  for  other  people  who  have  the  sFckers  they  need,   for  the  purpose  of  teaming  up  and  sharing  the  prize.     •  This  teaming  up  was  almost  enFrely  centered  around  people  trying  to  win  the  £  50,000.  Besides  a  few  people  using  Twifer   to  try  to  team  up  for  a  Honda  Civic,  there  was  lifle  culture  of  teaming  up  for  the  other  prizes.         15%   of   all   online   conversaFons   and   posts   relaFng   to   McDonald’s  Monopoly  prizes  were  people  looking  to  team  up   for  the  £  50,000  cash  prize,  making  it  the  single  most  popular   compeLLon-­‐related  topic.         e.g.      Prize      MenFons   10   Powered  by  Brandwatch      |  
  12. Win  Styles:    Collect  To  Win   SocialSense    

     |      May  2013      |      |         •  Twifer  was  the  key  plaporm  for  communicaLon.  A  few  people  posted  on  Facebook,  however  they  were  only  reposLng  their   Twifer  message  into  their  Facebook.     e.g.     •  We   would   recommend   exploring   ways   to   build   this   interacLon   into   the   markeLng   campaign.   McDonald’s   customers   are   already  acLvely  engaging  with  other  customers  online  rather  than  simply  waiLng  to  win  a  lofery;  this  could  potenLally  be   developed  into  an  online  markeLng  campaign.     •  As  an  example,  lots  of  mid-­‐Fer  cash  prizes  could  be  introduced  for  people  to  team  up  for.  People  clearly  prefer  teaming  up   for  money  as  it  is  easily  divisible,  while  an  Xbox  is  not.  Different  sFckers  could  be  limited  to  different  stores  or  parts  of  the   country  to  encourage  online  co-­‐operaFon.     •  Currently  there  are  no  formal  #hashtags  or  TwiVer  pages  for  people  to  locate  one  another.  Some  people  used  #mcdonalds   and   #monopoly,   while   others   did   not   use   any,   relying   instead   on   their   friends   to   retweet.   This   is   an   area   that   could   be   improved.     11   Powered  by  Brandwatch      |  
  13. Win  Styles:    Guaranteed  Win   SocialSense      |

         May  2013      |      |       Is  Being  Awarded  a  Basic  Prize  Instead  of  Nothing  Desirable?     •  The   Guaranteed   Win   system   was   presumably   introduced   with   the   purpose   of   making   each   customer   feel   rewarded.   Customers  are  offered  a  small  token  ‘prize’  every  Lme  they  purchase  a  meal  at  McDonalds  in  order  to  keep  them  interested  in   the  compeLLon.       •  Having  analyzed  customers’  online  comments,  we  however  found  no  evidence  to  support  the  claim  that  people  are  pleased   and   grateful   to   receive   a   prize,   no   maVer   how   basic,   every   Fme   they   play   McDonald’s   Monopoly.   We   found   that   the   senFment  and  nature  of  peoples’  opinions  depended  on  whether  or  not  they  were  saFsfied  with  their  prize.     •  The  general  gist  of  comments  indicated  that  when  people  are  told  “CongratulaLons!  You  have  won  a  prize”  they  expect  it  to   be  something  special,  or  at  least  something  that  they  may  want.  Prizes  did  not  need  to  be  expensive  in  order  to  be  popular;   some  of  the  low  budget  prizes,  e.g.  50  Free  Snapfish  Photos,  were  very  posiLvely  received.     •  People   who   were   repeatedly   disappointed   with   their   prizes   openly   expressed   their   frustraFon,   staFng   they   expect   a   compeFFon  to  offer  beVer  prizes.  No  comments  or  conversaFons  pointed  out  that  this  prize  is  sFll  beVer  than  no  win  at   all.  This  was  parFcularly  the  case  with  the  20%  discount  tokens;  customers  repeatedly  complained  that  this  is  “not  a  real   prize”,  with  a  few  staFng  that  the  compeFFon  is  not  worth  it  if  this  is  the  type  of  reward  one  can  expect.       e.g.     12   Powered  by  Brandwatch      |  
  14. Win  Styles:    Guaranteed  Win   SocialSense      |

         May  2013      |      |         •  We  can  conclude  that  when  a  company  offers  prizes  they  set  a  certain  standard  of  expectaLon.  Prizes  that  were  perceived  as   cheap  and  undesirable  (e.g.  20%  discount  vouchers)  were  not  received  well.     •  It  is  important  to  therefore  ensure  as  a  first  priority  that  the  prizes  are  popular,  even  if  they  are  very  basic.  The  popularity  of   the  compeLLon’s  prizes  is  fully  detailed  in  the  next  secLon.       •  We  suggest  considering  charitable  donaFons  as  a  prize  alternaFve.  Customers  could  be  given  a  choice;  they  can  either   claim  the  prize  that  they  have  won,  or  if  they  are  not  saFsfied  they  could  choose  for  McDonald’s  to  donate  the  value  of   that   prize   to   a   charity   (perhaps   offer   a   choice   of   3-­‐5   chariLes).   Customers   will   consequently   walk   away   feeling   proud   of   themselves  for  having  done  a  good  deed,  rather  than  feeling  bifer  about  the  prize  they  did  not  want.  This  scheme  would  also   allow  customers  to  see  McDonald’s  as  a  socially  responsible,  charitable  company.       13   Powered  by  Brandwatch      |  
  15. Win  Styles:    Guaranteed  Win   SocialSense      |

         May  2013      |      |       Is  That  It?     •  “Is  this  small  prize  really  all  I  get?”  was  a  recurring  theme  in  customers’  comments.  Some  customers  expressed  frustraLon   that  the  compeLLon  is  a  waste  of  money;  that  they  are  playing  for  serious  prizes  on  the  Monopoly  board  and  all  they   receive  are  endless  ‘cheap’  prizes  they  do  not  want,  or  could  have  bought  instead  of  spending  money  at  McDonalds.               •  In  conclusion,  not  all  customers  enjoy  receiving  small,  frequent  prizes.  Some  customers  who  parLcipate  in  the  McDonald’s   Monopoly  game  do  so  for  the  purpose  of  building  up  their  game  board  for  the  larger  rewards,  and  they  would  prefer  the   compeLLon  to  be  more  focused  towards  this,  and  less  on  offering  lots  of  trivial  prizes  along  the  way.  The  introducFon  of   the  Guaranteed  Win  system  has  therefore  been  received  differently  by  different  groups.     •  This  again  stems  from  the  fact  that  hosLng  a  compeLLon  creates  expectaLons  about  prizes,  and  different  people  will  have   different  expectaLons  and  moLves.  We  would  recommend  considering  ways  of  separaFng  these  customer  groups  out.   Perhaps   several   small   prizes   could   be   collected   to   trade   in   for   a   larger   prize,   or   instead   of   referring   to   the   lower   Ler   Guaranteed   Win   prizes   as   ‘prizes’   they   could   be   considered   ‘loyalty   perks’.   Another   opLon   could   be   to   focus   more   on   offering  various  McDonald’s  food  discount  vouchers  as  a  loyalty  scheme  –  this  way  the  loyalty  benefits  could  be  retained,   yet  people  would  not  feel  they  are  necessarily  winning  a  Monopoly  Prize.         e.g.     14   Powered  by  Brandwatch      |  
  16. Win  Styles:    Guaranteed  Win   SocialSense      |

         May  2013      |      |       Winning  the  Same  Prize  MulFple  Times     •  There  were  complaints  from  customers  who  had  been  given  the  same  Guaranteed  Win  prize  mulFple  Fmes.                 •  Regular  wins  works  well  as  a  system  for  prizes  such  as  Snapfish  Photos  where  having  duplicate  prizes  is  not  a  problem,  or   for  prizes  such  as  music  download  vouchers  or  cinema  Fckets  where  the  customer  is  given  the  choice  over  which  end   product   they   redeem.   We   would   therefore   recommend   more   focus   on   these   types   of   prizes,   or   perhaps   the   ability   to   exchange  a  prize  for  something  else  within  the  same  ‘prize  band’  if  the  prize  has  previously  been  won.   e.g.     e.g.     15   Powered  by  Brandwatch      |  
  17.  Monopoly  Prizes  

  18. Monopoly  Prizes:    £  50,000   SocialSense      |

         May  2013      |      |       •  40%  of  all  online  conversaFons  and  posts  relaFng  to  McDonald’s  Monopoly  prizes  were  about  the  £  50,000  cash  prize,   making  it  by  far  the  single  most  spoken  about  prize.     •  The   most   popular   topic,   accounLng   for   almost   45%   of   all   £   50,000   cash   prize   related   posts   and   discussions,   was   people   searching  for  a  another  person  on  the  internet  that  had  the  sLcker  they  needed,  for  the  purpose  of  partnering  up  and  spliang   the  prize  money  in  half.  A  detailed  analysis  of  this  interacLon  is  provided  on  page  7  in  the  1st  secLon  of  this  report.   40%   £  50,000  Prize      1,126        MenFons   •  Approximately  another  1/3  of  the  voice  consisted  of  people  posLng  that  they  want  to  win  the  £  50,000  prize,  or  commenLng   on  how  they  would  spend  the  money.     e.g.     17   Powered  by  Brandwatch      |  
  19. Monopoly  Prizes:    £  50,000   SocialSense      |

         May  2013      |      |       •  The  remaining  share  of  the  voice  was  people  announcing  that  they  or  one  of  their  friends  had  just  acquired  a  sLcker,  or  that   they  are  hoping  for  a  sLcker.     e.g.     18   Powered  by  Brandwatch      |  
  20. Monopoly  Prizes:    £  50,000   SocialSense      |

         May  2013      |      |       •  The   £   50,000   cash   prize   certainly   received   a   large   amount   of   publicity   and   afenLon.   The   popularity   was   boosted   by   the   Collect  To  Win  system,  as  people  who  had  found  a  Park  Lane  sLcker  appeared  excited  by  the  prospect  that  they  were  half-­‐ way  to  winning  a  large  amount  of  money.     •  However,   it   is   difficult   to   determine   whether   the   £   50,000   prize   encouraged   people   to   eat   at   McDonalds,   as   the   prize   seemed  to  be  a  pipedream.  A  small  number  of  posts  even  stressed  that  winning  the  prize  is  unrealisLc.   e.g.     19   Powered  by  Brandwatch      |  
  21. Monopoly  Prizes:    Honda  Civic   SocialSense      |

         May  2013      |      |       •  Approximately  11%  of  all  posts  and  conversaLons  taking  place  online  about  McDonald’s  Monopoly  prizes  were  about  the   Honda  Civic.     •  Despite  the  Honda’s  presLge  as  a  prize,  customers  were  disappointed  with  the  Honda  Civic  as  a  choice  of  car.  Not  a  single   comment  was  made  praising  the  choice  of  car,  yet  10%  of  all  Honda  related  posts  and  discussions  were  people  criFcising  the   Civic  for  its  unaVracFve  design,  or  expressing  their  disappointment  that  the  Honda  has  replaced  last  year’s  Mini.   11%   Honda  Civic  Prize      1,126        MenFons   e.g.     20   Powered  by  Brandwatch      |  
  22. Monopoly  Prizes:    Honda  Civic   SocialSense      |

         May  2013      |      |       •  A  quarter  (25%)  of  all  Honda  prize  posts  and  discussions  were  Collect  To  Win  related  –  people  posted  their  excitement  about   how  they  or  their  friends  won  a  sLcker  making  them  one  step  closer  to  winning  a  Honda  Civic,  or  about  how  they  needed  just   one  more  or  two  more  sLckers  to  win.           •  Despite  the  Honda’s  status  as  a  top  prize  and  its  difficulty  to  win,  only  a  meager  4%  of  all  Honda  related  posts  were  from   people  searching  the  internet  for  someone  to  partner  up  with  to  collect  the  relevant  sLckers.   e.g.     e.g.     21   Powered  by  Brandwatch      |  
  23. Monopoly  Prizes:    Xbox  360   SocialSense      |

         May  2013      |      |       •  20%  of  all  McDonald’s  Monopoly  prize  conversaLon  was  about  the  Xbox  360.     •  Many  people  felt  they  stood  a  chance  at  winning  an  Xbox,  most  likely  due  to  it  being  a  mid-­‐Ler  prize.  Only  6%  of  posts  were   from  people  looking  to  team  up  with  someone  else  to  split  the  prize.  36%  of  all  related  posts  and  menLons  were  people   expressing  their  excitement  to  only  be  a  train  staLon  or  two  away  from  winning.       e.g.     20%   Xbox  360      1,126      MenFons   22   Powered  by  Brandwatch      |  
  24. Monopoly  Prizes:    Xbox  360   SocialSense      |

         May  2013      |      |       •  The  Xbox’s  popularity  could  clearly  be  seen  in  the  nature  of  the  comments.  The  majority  of  the  comments  were  from  people   staLng  that  they  would  like  to  win  one,  or  are  desperately  trying  to  collect  tokens  towards  one.  There  is  a  strong  indicaLon   that  while  grand  prizes  such  as  the  £  50,000  cash  prize  generate  large  amounts  of  publicity,  popular  mid-­‐Ler  prizes  such  as  the   Xbox  are  more  likely  to  encourage  people  to  eat  in  McDonald’s  restaurants  as  they  believe  they  actually  have  a  chance  of   winning.   e.g.     23   Powered  by  Brandwatch      |  
  25. Monopoly  Prizes:    Snapfish  Photos   SocialSense      |

         May  2013      |      |       •  There  were  few  posts  and  conversaLons  about  the  Snapfish  Photos  prize,  in  total  less  than  5%  of  all  Monopoly  prize  volume.   •  The  few  posts  were  however  extremely  posiLve;  Snapfish  appeared  to  be  the  most  popular  of  the  basic,  lower-­‐Fer  prizes.   People  commented  that  they  were  grateful  for  the  50  free  photographs  prize.  Furthermore,  people  were  pleased  to  win  this   prize  mulLple  Lmes,  unlike  other  lower-­‐Ler  prizes  such  as  the  Mini  Ninjas  Game  where  mulLple  wins  caused  frustraLon.       e.g.     5%   Snapfish  Photos      1,126        MenFons   24   Powered  by  Brandwatch      |  
  26. Monopoly  Prizes:    Urbanz  Headphones   SocialSense      |

         May  2013      |      |       •  Over  19%  of  all  prize  related  posts  and  conversaLons  were  about  the  Urbanz  headphones,  however  nearly  all  were  simple   status  updates  where  people  announced  that  they  had  just  won  a  pair  of  headphones  while  buying  a  meal.   •  Only  a  handful  of  posts  contained  opinions  about  the  headphones’  quality.  The  general  tone  was  that  people  were  pleased   and  grateful  to  have  won  the  pair  of  headphones,  but  that  they  felt  the  headphones  were  rather  poor.       e.g.     19%   Urbanz  Headphones      1,126        MenFons   25   Powered  by  Brandwatch      |  
  27. Monopoly  Prizes:    Mini  Ninjas  Game   SocialSense    

     |      May  2013      |      |       •  Only  4%  of  all  online  posts  and  conversaLons  about  McDonald’s  Monopoly  prizes  were  about  the  Mini  Ninjas  Game.     •  The  tone  of  the  comments  was  in  general  negaLve.  Some  people  said  that  the  game  itself  is  fun  and  entertaining,  however   most  posts  were  people  complaining  that  they  did  not  want  the  game  as  soon  as  they  won  it.  A  few  people  also  had   compaFbility  issues  as  the  game  only  worked  on  the  Android  system.   e.g.     4%   Mini  Ninjas  Game      1,126        MenFons   26   Powered  by  Brandwatch      |  
  28. Monopoly  Prizes:    Mini  Ninjas  Game   SocialSense    

     |      May  2013      |      |       •  Several   McDonald’s   customers   further   expressed   their   annoyance   that   they   have   been   awarded   the   Mini   Ninjas   game   mulFple  Fmes.  Prizes  such  as  the  Snapfish  Photos  where  duplicate  wins  are  less  of  an  issue  were  more  popular.     e.g.     27   Powered  by  Brandwatch      |  
  29. None
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