Improving Customer Experience through Infrastructure Automation

675e2b6f653233a3a4d4e04f34610e1d?s=47 Brandon Burton
September 30, 2016

Improving Customer Experience through Infrastructure Automation

As many of us know, automation is one of the cornerstones of cultivating a "DevOps culture." We've seen how automation helps improve the lives of operations and development folks. But, a "DevOps culture" is also about seeing the business as a whole and how to make "operations" work be seen as critical and important part of the business value chain. We should be thinking about how to directly link our infrastructure automation initiatives back to large goals and objectives that improve the customer experience.

This talk will share some of the key automation objectives the build infrastructure engineering group at Travis CI is doing, the process and challenges we've encountered we figure out how to incorporate the larger focus into work planning, and what's being done to measure the actual customer impact of our new infrastructure automation changes.


Brandon Burton

September 30, 2016