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Lost in Translation – What I Learned by Contributing to the Polyglots

Sonja Leix
August 11, 2016

Lost in Translation – What I Learned by Contributing to the Polyglots

WordPress is growing rapidly! It now powers 26% of the web. One of the main reasons for it’s global success is, that WordPress speaks more than 100 languages! Who translates WordPress? And how can we get involved? This is the story of how you, as a WordPress Theme or Plugin author can grow your products by connecting to the Polyglots community.
– Presented at WordCamp Nola 2016

Sonja Leix

August 11, 2016

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  1. 2003 Created 17.4% 21.0% 2011 and growing! 13.1% 15.8% 2012

    2013 2014 now 26% wordpress is 13 years old
  2. WHAT IS A LOCALE? language + place + more Colours,

    shapes, sizes, styles symbols, Images, icons, graphics Social codes: humor, etiquette, rituals, myths Date & time formats, phone numbers Weights, measurements, geographical references Political views, culture sensitive content
  3. client project 45% translated 75% translated 28% translated membership plugin

    forms plugin ecommerce plugin language pack: portuguese (brazil)
  4. We need to translate all the things to make the

    internet accessible for everyone all over the world!
  5. only 34% of locales are fully localized themes in your

    language plugins in your language WordPress Plugins Themes localize everything
  6. specific project PTE responsible project translation editor validates strings GTE

    responsible global translation editor specific locale validates strings + more
  7. Software l10n Translating Localization + so much more i18n creating

    Internationalization Translatable Software
  8. grow your themes + Plugins ask active polyglots to become

    ptes make your themes and plugins translatable find good native-speakering translators connect to the polyglots community connect to people who translate your product invite your users to help with translations ask if they’d like to become pets
  9. i18n your PLUGINS + THEMES for l10n internationalize plugins +

    ThemeS developer.wordpress.org Plugin Handbook theme Handbook
  10. grow your products globally make them ptes GROW user base

    find translators make.wordpress.org/polyglots