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Designing without Color

C3312856d17db180d7a470f44a065376?s=47 Sonja Leix
November 30, 2016

Designing without Color

Removing color from design in the early stages of a project fosters better conversations and creates truly effective experiences for users.
I gave this presentation at WordCamp U.S. 2016 as part of a series of flash talks under the title "Color Theory and the Fundamentals of Design” #wcus

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Sonja Leix

November 30, 2016

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  1. XXX Designing without Color WordCamp U.S. 2016

  2. None
  3. Remove color during early stages of a project.

  4. Crafting an engaging experience while solving problems for people.



  7. UNDERSTAND GUIDE RELATE Fundamentals of an engaging experience:


  9. Understand the client’s goals, 
 the audience we’re designing for,

 and the content.
  10. What impact are we trying to make? What problems are

    we trying to solve? How do we add value? How do we want others to perceive our brand? What are our goals? How do we measure success? Who are our competitors? What’s our niche? Who are we designing for?
  11. By removing color from design, 
 we foster better conversations

 without distracting.
  12. If we cater to too many audiences, we water down

    our message and we’re not reaching anyone at all.
  13. Keep it simple.

  14. GUIDE

  15. We want to guide the visitor’s attention and make sure

 they find what they are looking for.
  16. Providing clear 
 and helpful user paths.


  18. Let people explore content and allow them to dive deeper

    into it, contextually.
  19. If our design is complicated 
 and hard to navigate,

 it's NOT the user’s fault!
  20. RELATE

  21. Give your audience the feeling that you know them and

    that you care.
  22. The Power of STORYTELLING

  23. ENTERTAIN EDUCATE INFORM Storytelling is being used to

  24. When we share stories we build trust.

  25. What language, tone, and mood is appropriate?

  26. Visual design is important, 
 but we can only create

    impact with a solid foundation.
  27. Understand your audience Guide them intuitively Relate to them

  28. WordCamp U.S. 2016 SONJA LEIX
 @sonjaleix UX and Storytelling Resources

    at: tiny.cc/wcus