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Lessons learned from 7 years of freelancing as a WordPress Designer and Developer

Sonja Leix
April 27, 2016

Lessons learned from 7 years of freelancing as a WordPress Designer and Developer

I’ve made every possible mistake there is in the last 7+ years of freelancing as a WordPress Designer. I lost money, time, and was struggling.

In this presentation I'd like to share my experience and most important lessons learned. It will help you boost your freelance business by implementing small changes, that take you to the next level.

Presented at WordPress Meetup Sofia (April 2016) and WordCamp Bilabo (June 2016)

Sonja Leix

April 27, 2016

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  1. “If you don’t keep up with technology and trends today,

 you’ll be out of business tomorrow.“
  2. codecademy.com Free library of interactive courses on how to program:

    HTML & CSS | PHP | JavaScript | SQL | Angular | Git …
  3. “If you are asked, as the best man, 

    give a speech at your friend's wedding, don't forget to mention WordPress REST-API. #SoHotRightNow” 
 – Luca Sartoni
  4. feelingrestful.com 28th October 2016 in Boston, USA Conference + Workshops:

    Learn from the people who built 
 the WordPress REST API:
  5. If a potential client does NOT understand what your skills

    are, and how YOU can help their business, they won’t hire you!
  6. “Can you please tell me everything you can do, 

    so I can take full advantage of it. I feel like I don't really know 
 about all services you offer.” Client of mine a few years back asked:
  7. BE MORE LIKE AN AMERICAN FREELANCER! Tell people how good

    you are at what you do! Don’t be shy!
  8. “I want to work with passionate people! Small business owners

    who trust me and are excited to work with me.”
  9. CLEARLY DEFINE YOUR IDEAL CLIENT! Make sure they are a

    good fit for your skill set 
 and your personality.

    how good you feel about them, then commit yourself to drop the worst project!