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Making Interactive Web using Framer Motion

Making Interactive Web using Framer Motion

Jogja JS talk, 20th June 2020


Sonny Lazuardi

June 20, 2020


  1. Framer Motion @sonnylazuardi Making Interactive Web using

  2. Framer Motion

  3. @sonnylazuardi

  4. @sonnylazuardi https://mailbrew.com/mobile/

  5. @sonnylazuardi Design Handoff The design handoff is a point in

    the product development process where developers implement the finished design. In order for a handoff to be successful, a good designer-developer collaboration is vital. https://phase.com/magazine/designer-and-developer-handoff-guide/
  6. @sonnylazuardi

  7. Color Copy Paste

  8. https://colorcopypaste.app

  9. None
  10. Background Story

  11. @sonnylazuardi How to launch a product

  12. @sonnylazuardi Landing Page Trend

  13. Collaboration

  14. Idea Sketch

  15. Figma https://www.figma.com/community/file/848833690265282057/Color-Copy-Paste-Promotional

  16. Development Story

  17. @sonnylazuardi Gatsby Website

  18. @sonnylazuardi Cursor Tracking

  19. @sonnylazuardi Color Palette Interaction https://codesandbox.io/s/framer-motion-drag-to-reorder-b7ys7

  20. Handoff Demo

  21. @sonnylazuardi https://handz.design

  22. @sonnylazuardi https://codesandbox.io/s/framer-motion-handoff-jnqqg?file=/src/App.js

  23. @sonnylazuardi https://www.framer.com/community/

  24. Thank You @sonnylazuardi