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Silence of the Lambs - Deleted Intro Scene

April 08, 2022

Silence of the Lambs - Deleted Intro Scene

Storyboarded sequence of the live-action move, Silence of the Lambs. This was original introduction scene that was scripted, but later thrown out in the production stages.


April 08, 2022


  1. Dialog Action Notes A woman's face BACKS INTO SHOT, her

    head resting against grimy wallpaper. She is tense, sweaty, wide-eyed with concentration.
  2. Dialog Action Notes A revolver, clutched in her right hand,hovers

    by her ear. She raises a speedloader, in her left hand, locks it into her cylinder, twists and reloads.
  3. Dialog Action Notes A guest room door, with a small,

    wired pack attached to its knob.
  4. Dialog Action Notes She runs around a corner, through a

    cloud of smoke. She shoulders aside the shattered door and rushes inside, gun at the ready in both hands...
  5. Dialog Action Notes Then, SWIVELLING... she sees a startled MALE

    SUSPECT, white, mid-20's, standing by a window with a rifle in his hands.
  6. Dialog Action Notes The suspects hands are taped to his

    gun, away from the trigger; he couldn't use it even if he tried.
  7. Dialog Action Notes Suddenly we hear a metallic CLICK, which

    registers with unnatural amplification.
  8. Dialog Action Notes The hostage pulls a revolver out from

    behind her back, still in SLOW MOTION, raising it in her untied hands. She fires repeatedly, flames leaping from the muzzle; the SOUND is an echoing roar in these close quarters,
  9. Dialog Action Notes Clarice has come up on one knee,

    beside an armchair, and is already firing back herself, two quick SHOTS, which send the hostage pitching over the bed.
  10. Dialog Action Notes Clarice rushes to her, clamping one knee

    down on her gun hand, still keeping her covered in case of movement.
  11. Dialog Action Notes Then we hear the shrill blast of

    a WHISTLE from somewhere, off screen, as normal ACTION and SOUND are restored. Clarice relaxes, lowering her gun.
  12. Dialog Ardelia: Damn, Clarice, how'd you make me? Action Notes

    Clarice nods amiably to the "Suspect", then gives her "Hostage" a hand up.