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近況報告 (Introduce Pendaxes)

近況報告 (Introduce Pendaxes)

Slides for Security Camp Forum 2013.


Sorah Fukumori

February 09, 2013

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  1. ۙگใࠂ Shota Fukumori @sora_h sorah.jp [email protected] 2013-02-09

  2. @sora_h #spcamp '11 ݴޠ૊ தଔϑϦʔλʔ COOKPAD Inc. Rubyist @ Core

    Team http://sorah.jp/
  3. “ ۙگ Rubyͷ࿩୊ʹͳΓɺsora_h܅͸Ͳ͜தଔۀͳͷ͔ ͱ͍͏ॳର໘Β͔͠Β͵࿩୊΋ඈͼग़͠·ͯ͠ ΄ΜΘ͔ͳײָ͕͔ͬͨ͡͠Ͱ͢ɻ http://razokulover.hateblo.jp/entry/2013/01/28/233655

  4. “ (ͦͷਓͷ)ۙگ ͦ͏͍͏Θ͚Ͱ෇͖߹͏͜ͱʹͳΓ·ͨ͠ɻ ҰॹʹॅΉ͜ͱΛܾΊ͔ͯΒ෇͖߹͏͜ͱΛ ܾΊ·ͨ͠ɻ http://razokulover.hateblo.jp/entry/2013/02/05/230254

  5. まず重要な事1点


  7. info.cookpad.com/jobs

  8. AGENDA Testing Product Contributing

  9. Requested Topic Ωϟϯϓʹ৮ൃ͞Εͯ࡞੡ͨ͠ ϓϩάϥϜͳͲͷ঺հ “

  10. Requested Topic Ωϟϯϓʹ৮ൃ͞Εͯ࡞੡ͨ͠ ϓϩάϥϜͳͲͷ঺հ “

  11. Requested Topic Ωϟϯϓʹ৮ൃ͞Εͯ࡞੡ͨ͠ ϓϩάϥϜͳͲͷ঺հ “

  12. 㶅Т㶅

  13. Requested Topic Ωϟϯϓʹ৮ൃ͞Εͯ࡞੡ͨ͠ ϓϩάϥϜͳͲͷ঺հ “

  14. 㶅Т㶅 ʜ

  15. Requested Topic Ωϟϯϓʹ৮ൃ͞Εͯ࡞੡ͨ͠ ϓϩάϥϜͳͲͷ঺հ “

  16. Testing Freak? AM I

  17. Test housekeeper ? NO, I AM .. JUST LIKE

  18. Engineer for Engineers

  19. Dev-Infra Maintain CI Improve Test Upgrade Libs Code Review 開

    発 基 盤
  20. Improve Test Dev-Infra 開 発 基 盤

  21. Keep fresh Speed up Improve Test

  22. Keep fresh Speed up Improve Test

  23. “Pending”

  24. “Pending” Skip a test for some reason, for a while.

  25. Pended test become 1. Failing test The specification still exists,

    But have to fix a test to pass. → Should be fixed
  26. Pended test become 2. Removable e.g. The specification has removed.

    → Should be removed
  27. People are busy. So we forget.


  29. PENDAXES github.com/cookpad/pendaxes

  30. pendaxes Pending remind tool

  31. pendaxes Send mail, Write a report to file, etc

  32. None
  33. pendaxes Built up with Ruby Using `git blame`

  34. pendaxes Detector and Formatters are Pluggable!

  35. pendaxes Ruby + RSpec detector available out of the box

  36. Effects Many pended tests had gone!

  37. Recently Pended tests seem be re-growing

  38. Recently MAY BE mail has been filtered...

  39. Test is important Pendings shouldn’t be le! Pendaxes

  40. AGENDA Testing Product Contributing

  41. Remaining time is too short to talk about this.

  42. speakerdeck.com/sorah/guide-to-social-coding

  43. Let’s contribute Let your code public Send a patch

  44. Let’s contribute Let your code public Send a patch ↑

    Not so difficult, isn’t it?
  45. Thanks Questions? Ask @sora_h