Applying OSINT While Sourcing for Talent

Applying OSINT While Sourcing for Talent


Denis Dinkevich

November 12, 2019


  1. Applying OSINT while sourcing for talent @SourcingDenis

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  3. OSINT – Open Source Intelligence also known as the deep

    web. Also known as the non-indexed part of the web; Open Source Intelligence is the art of collecting information which is scattered on publicly available sources. In contrast to traditional intelligence methods, OSINT utilises overt channels for gathering information; The added benefit is that there is no direct interaction with the target which substantially reduces the chances of raising any red flags.
  4. OSINT Process

  5. Data + OSINT Process

  6. Information + Data + OSINT Process

  7. Analysis Information + Data + OSINT Process

  8. Intelligence = Analysis Information + Data + OSINT Process

  9. Research Process Define

  10. Hypothesise Define Research Process

  11. Capture Hypothesise Define Research Process

  12. Organise Capture Hypothesise Define Research Process

  13. Summarise Organise Capture Hypothesise Define Research Process

  14. Synthesise Summarise Organise Capture Hypothesise Define Research Process

  15. None
  16. 7 OSINT examples in action

  17. (“privileged information” OR “do not distribute” OR commercial in confidence”

    OR private OR embargoed OR prohibited OR restricted OR “confidential” OR “internal use only” OR “not for distribution” OR “not for public distribution” OR “classified”) + COMPANY KEYWORDS Searching for confidential information 1
  18. 2 Reverse Image Search

  19. 3

  20. he | she “Brno, Czech Republic” (inurl:people OR inurl:staff OR

    inurl:employees OR inurl:associates intitle:index.of (people OR staff OR directory OR OR OR members OR attendees OR subscribers OR chapter OR meeting.minutes OR alumni OR officers OR contacts OR ambassadors OR employees OR associates) “Brno, Czech Republic” 4 Finding people directories:
  21. Corporate Profiling 5

  22. Proper ways of Googling a person: 6

  23. 7

  24. Recruitment related intelligence to reveal: • What location do competitors

    have or plan to open? • How large are those locations? • How many openings in a department/team over a specific milestone? Is the same job always open? • Increase in job postings to specific areas of growth? • Removal of job postings predicts “bad news” before it happens? • Apply for the job posting as an ideal candidate and what happens? • What does response or lack of response tell you?
  25. • Creditors • Patents • Licences • Vendors • Suppliers

    • Donors • Publications • Extension Ranges • Authors • Office Codes • Email Domains • Stock Symbols • Abbreviations • Location & Branch Names Acronyms and more.. Stay creative
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  29. #OSINT People to keep an eye on:

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