Sourcing as a Mindset #SRD18

Sourcing as a Mindset #SRD18

Presented during the Social Recruiting Days in Berlin, 2018


Denis Dinkevich

October 29, 2018


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    @SourcingDenis A couple of facts about me: Started as an

    agency recruiter 4 years ago Last 2 years mostly focused on technical sourcing Also a vinyl collector and DJ in my spare time :) 25 years old ! Kyiv, Ukraine " @SourcingDenis
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    @SourcingDenis BooleanStrings by Irina Shamaeva Recruiting Brainfood by Hung Lee

    Sjamila’s Awesome Recruitment List DBR Live by Tris Revill SocialTalent PairedSourcing Martin Freeman’s Toolkit Tom Ordonez’s Blog The Search Authority by Dean Da Costa Balazs & The Magic Sourcing World GlossaryTech SourceCon Joel on Software by Joel Spolsky Stack Overflow Talent Blog and more.. ;)
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    @SourcingDenis Generate the list of “donor” companies: KEYWORD -inurl:jobs KEYWORD site:* site:**/jobs KEYWORD