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Finding the Space to Succeed

Finding the Space to Succeed

I gave this lightning talk at the Triangle UXPA Career Fair in May 2021.

Finding a new job isn't only about the work you'll be doing. It's also about who you're working with and how well the company can support your career growth. In this talk, I cover those aspects and how to look for them in your next job search.

Michelle Chin

May 26, 2021

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  1. Citrix We provide apps to securely allow people to work

    from anywhere. We provide people space to explore, grow, think, succeed. Citrix empowers people to do their very best work! Not just for our customers, but our employees, too.
  2. 1 © 2021 Citrix 6 Some questions you might ask:

    • How frequently are teams experimenting with new innovations, tools, methods, or technology? • When things go wrong, how is failure handled? Having the space to explore allows you the freedom to experiment with new innovations, tools, methods, technology. That freedom coupled with a supportive growth mindset can foster healthy career development. Space to explore
  3. 1 © 2021 Citrix 8 Some questions you might ask:

    • What do the designers like about working with each other? • Are there opportunities within the team or company for mentorship? • How are individuals supported with their career path? Are there opportunities to evolve my career? Having the space to grow opens opportunities to evolve your career. These occasions could be more: • Immediate – learning from others • Near term – mentorship • Long term – fine-tune your career path Space to grow
  4. 1 © 2021 Citrix 10 Some questions you might ask:

    • Is there a tuition reimbursement program? • What kind of training opportunities are available to individuals? Having the space to think affords you time to reflect on your craft and hone your skills. Options include financial support for an advanced degree or certification; internal training; company time to learn; subscriptions; online training; soft skills training; or educational stipend. Space to think
  5. 1 © 2021 Citrix 12 Some questions you might ask:

    • How has (future manager) supported the careers of people on the team? • How does (company) support careers of its employees? • How does the company support diversity and inclusion? Are there employee resource groups? Having the space to succeed opens the full potential for your career. While you’re in charge of your own career, having the right support network can empower you to succeed! Space to succeed
  6. 1 © 2021 Citrix 14 Slides – bit.ly/ux-space-to-succeed Career coaching

    • Free sessions! Limited to first 3 sign ups • 30-min session in June only • Sign up: calendly.com/michelletchin Best wishes on finding a company that gives you: • Space to explore • Space to grow • Space to think • Space to succeed Keep in touch, we’ll post new openings when we have them! Summary