Un-siloing Your Project Team with Collaborative Sketches and Digital Prototyping

Un-siloing Your Project Team with Collaborative Sketches and Digital Prototyping

Video recording available here: http://bit.ly/collaborative-sketches

Presented at Drupalcon Austin 2014 with Kat Kuhl and Ika Lestari.

Creating great user experience is critical to the success of a web project. Yet in the traditional approach, most of the site's experience is decided by one user experience professional, expressed in PDF wireframes, and interpreted by other team members after the fact. On rushed projects, the time for feedback from others may be limited, resulting in final wireframes that have your designer shaking his head, or your developer wondering what data is going to drive that neat "Related Publications" block the client loved.

By replacing wireframes with collaborative sketching and Drupal prototyping, you can get your whole team involved early and keep them engaged as the project moves from phase to phase. You can also build sites faster and better by answering the question of "How will it work?" and "How will it act on a mobile device?" while you're thinking through the functionality. We've had success with this method at Rock Creek, and we'll go over:

  • The benefits of collaborative sketching for the project and team members
  • How to conduct the sketching activity and the Drupal prototyping efficiently
  • Challenges of this approach and ways to implement it at your company
  • Case study samples
  • The trips and tricks we’ve learned along the way to make this a successful approach
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    Michelle Chin

    June 04, 2014