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Distributed Lambda functions to improve and extend the functionality of cloud management platforms

Distributed Lambda functions to improve and extend the functionality of cloud management platforms

Cloud Management Platforms (CMP) such as ManageIQ or CloudcheckR gained much popularity recently since multi-cloud solutions take more and more places in the industry. With the increasing usage of platforms, more requirements have appeared which can't be satisfied only by one platform also policies and concepts which are unique to each of them brings limitations. With the help of functions and event gateway, we can bring the required functionality into centralised endpoint in a distributed manner to provide security, performance and aggregated feature benefits into the customised platform to satisfy business models.

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  1. Cloud Management platform (CMP) - Why is it important ?

    - Number of CMPs is growing constantly since multicloud is popular - Business models are unique for every use case - Cloud Management platform - What are the biggest players? - Manageiq, api-libraries, CloudcheckR etc - Why there is no unified solutions? - It is difficult from programming point of view to implement everything - Over Complication when only partly functionality is required
  2. Scenario - Demo scenario: - Analyze AWS account - Have

    automatic virtual resource management - Alarm notifications - Scenario problem: - What are the limitations of Cloudcheckr? - Why do we need functions? - Simple extension and development - To secure aws - Why do we need event gateway? - Centralised endpoint - Support of different platforms
  3. AWS account to manage Cloudcheckr ManageIQ Mistio ... Google Cloud

    Kubeless Openwhisk ... ... ... ... ... any function kind of provider/account Any kind of functions AWS functions which need to access the account directly Kubernetes serverless-event- gateway etcd database developer register create user Api calls CloudcheckR Google Cloud Sync status BP Delete account Alarm register create cron rules Manage resources Create account Cloud Providers connector service implement
  4. Architecture - How do we solve the problem? - Implement

    functions which are using sensitive data directly on the account - Use kubernetes as proof of concept together with event-gateway - Query best practices from CloudcheckR and extend the usage - How flexible is it? - Adding new feature into centralised point just with a function implementation
  5. Results and conclusion Create aws provider without lamba in average

    faster for 2.5% Delete aws provider without lamba in average faster for 22%
  6. Conclusion - What are the problems: - It takes time

    and full understanding of business model - Implementation might be not trivial - Typical lambda functions limitations - Advantages - Easy to extend - Have only needed CMP functions - What is the main output: - Security, Speed, Alarm - With functions we implement customized management platform - We use only that functions which are needed - Exchange flexibility to more implementation - Completely distributed functions