Design Intro

87ef92aadb77f60a68b3c685cbcc9017?s=47 Shaun Moon
August 27, 2012

Design Intro

When you think about design, think about making things that are useful, useable and compelling. This is for the first *actual* lecture in Introduction to Design Thinking at the University of Utah.


Shaun Moon

August 27, 2012


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  12. “Our New Year's eve dinner was quite successful—we did 250

    [covers]. The problem was the 40 no-shows. We don't take credit card numbers because we don't want to offend or scare anyone away... Our only solutions to this behavior are to take credit cards or overbook by 10-20% assuming people will no-show, come late, or change party size... “Is it better for us to become like airlines or hotels (who both overbook and charge you anyway), continue to be at the whim of ill- mannered, would-be diners, and practice old school hospitality at our own expense, or is there a third way?” Vegas-buffet-tour-8211-people-actually-wait-in-line-really-long-lines-for-buffets/594582/1
  13. Before leaving the office, I checked the Web site,

    saw that the wait in Roanoke was 7 minutes and 23 seconds. Not bad. Much to my delight, unlike the old DMV there was no line snaking outside. Nice. I flung open the door and found it was still there, still waiting. Eventually, I was assigned "A069" just as the intercom voice, eerily similar to an airport's, noted they were now boarding, strike that, serving, A058. I scouted out an empty chair and took in my surroundings. The new DMW looks much the same as the old DMV only with a different color scheme and a flooring upgrade. Noticeably absent are the electronic message boards that let the crowd figure their estimated time of arriving at a window. Some 28 minutes after entering (just four times longer than expected!) A069 was called. My hair still in place, my jacket smoothed of wrinkles, I approached the counter. The nice lady said she was so very sorry. The picture-taking computer was down; it had been going on and off for two days; don't know when it will be back up, 20 minutes or two hours; I was more than welcome to wait.

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