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Binary Frameworks In Swift

Binary Frameworks In Swift

Talk from dotSwift Paris 2018.

Binary frameworks? Without ABI? And what’s the deal with Modules? Learn about what you can do right now, what other companies are doing, common pitfalls and the future.



Peter Steinberger

January 29, 2018


  1. Binary Frameworks in Swift Peter Steinberger, @steipete dotSwift Paris 2018

    — Peter Steinberger, PSPDFKit — @steipete
  2. Application Binary Interface

  3. A Moving Target • Nov'15 ABI is a goal on

    the Swift 3 Roadmap • May'16 "loftier goals aren’t going to fit" • Jul'16 "goal of achieving stability in Swift 4" • Feb'17 "Given the importance..." deferred • Aug'17 "stable ABI a hard goal"
  4. When ABI Matters • Binary compile cache • Embedded Swift

    runtime library
  5. Swift Module Format • binary equivalent for header files •

    contains AST and SIL
  6. Binary Swift Frameworks In Production

  7. Conclusion • tl;dr: ABI is not that important • Build

    SDKs in Objective-C(++) http://pspdfkit.com/blog/2018/binary-frameworks-swift More on Twitter: @steipete