Reusable patterns for scalable APIs running on Docker

Reusable patterns for scalable APIs running on Docker

The shipping containers were introduced around 1830s and since then they play a crucial role in the modern society by providing efficient packaging, storage and transportation. Today we see the same revolution happening in the DevOps world with the adoption of container technologies like Docker. They allow us to package, distribute and run software in a scalable and efficient way. In this talk we’ll see how we can abstract the common problem we solve everyday when building scalable Java APIs with Docker into design patterns to create reusable solutions. We’ll explore the good practices of writing Java applications with Docker. Then we’ll see how each design pattern can be applied in real scenarios that address different concerns that a large system creates. We’ll see some real life implementations of those patterns and how they help us solve problems in scalable systems. By the end of the talk we’ll have a very powerful abstraction to tackle the everyday problems we face in building big and impactful systems.


Nikolay Stoitsev

October 18, 2017