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From programming to management

From programming to management

Nikolay Stoitsev

November 28, 2021

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  1. From programming to management Nikolay Stoitsev Engineering Manager @ Halo

  2. How to become a manager? Sr. Software Engineer

  3. How to become a manager? Sr. Software Engineer Expert

  4. How to become a manager? Sr. Software Engineer Tech Lead

  5. How to become a manager? Sr. Software Engineer Tech Lead

    EM Expert
  6. What do managers do?

  7. • Leadership • Run 1:1 • Give Feedback • Mentoring

    • Coaching • Motivation • Performance Management • Managing personal crisis • Delegation • Effective communication • Servant leadership • Conflict resolution • Team structure • Quality • Onboarding • Diversity and inclusion • Hiring • Delivery • Agile, Project Management • Vision • Mission • Strategy • KPI • Conflict Resolution • Risk Management • Stakeholder management • Empathy • Culture • Alignment • Promotions • Budgeting • Build vs Buy • Managing up • Release management • Incident management • Compensation • Termination • Team building
  8. Onboarding Giving effective feedback Mentoring Coaching 1:1s Delegation Motivation Performance

    management Managing People
  9. Leadership Culture & Values Vision & Mission Conflict Resolution Making

    Decisions Hiring Team Structure Processes Diversity and Inclusion Risk Management Managing Teams
  10. Budgets PTOs Preparing offers Promotions Admin Work

  11. And you need to be technical

  12. It’s a different profession

  13. Good Engineer Good Manager

  14. Do you want to become a manager?

  15. You don’t need to be a manager to grow Intern

    Software Engineer Software Engineer II Sr. Software Engineer Engineering Manager Staff Software Engineer Director Principle Engineer VP Individual Contributor (IC) Ladder
  16. Simple Test https://medium.com/hackernoon/a-voight-kampff-test-for-identi fying-engineering-managers-bb8512c70857

  17. Do you care more about people or technology? … EM

    IC Tech Lead
  18. What is the career path of a manager?

  19. Management Growth https://medium.com/swlh/a-hierarchy-model-for-leadership-development-cee911071e4a Leading yourself Leading a team Leading a

    large team Leading an organisation Leading the company
  20. Manager Ladder EM EM Sr. EM Director VP CTO Director

    VP Sr. EM
  21. Leading managers Growing managers Long-term strategy Org Structure Broad communication

    Skip level 1:1 Bigger Budget Planning Manager of Managers (MoM)
  22. ~100% MoM ~75% MoM ~25% MoM VP Eng Director of

    Eng Sr. Eng Manager ~0% MoM Eng Manager
  23. Director of Engineering • Leads multiple big teams • Leads

    long term technical and business solutions across the teams • Able to create high performing team of Sr EMs or EMs
  24. Vice President of Engineering • Leads teams across multiple domains

    each with their unique processes, priorities, and modes of operation • Charts the future of the company • The job is no longer the “what”
  25. Chief Technical Officer • Very different in every company •

    Aligns the engineering organisation with the rest of the orgs • Able to create high performing team of VPs • Responsible for all things tech
  26. Lessons Learned

  27. 0. It’s a new role with different skills

  28. 1. Be proactive about finding risks and managing them

  29. 2. Management is different in every org so make sure

    you know what it means in yours
  30. 3. Find good mentors

  31. 4. Build book knowledge

  32. 5. Regularly ask for feedback

  33. How to start the journey early on

  34. The Manager's Path: A Guide for Tech Leaders Navigating Growth

    and Change - Camille Fournier
  35. https://leadingsnowflakes.com/

  36. Challenge your teammates Mentorship Effective Communication … you pick yours…

    Start Practicing
  37. Thank you! Q&A Nikolay Stoitsev Engineering Manager at Halo DX

    Photos by Christina Morillo, Kelly L, Julia Larson, Andrea Piacquadio, RODNAE Productions, fauxels, S Migaj from Pexels