Data Olympics (3. Data Science Day)

D61f0a21e1715dea917aa700dd25dadb?s=47 Studio NAND
December 07, 2012

Data Olympics (3. Data Science Day)

Presenting the emoto project at the 3. Data Science Day in Berlin about data journalism and visualization


Studio NAND

December 07, 2012



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  4. Online Visualization Data Journalism Installation/Sculpture

  5. Creative Team Moritz Stefaner Drew Hemment (FutureEverything) Studio NAND A

    FutureEverything project for London 2012 Festival and the Cultural Olympiad programme. Funded by Arts Council England and WE PLAY/Legacy Trust UK. Infrastructure design & development by Gerrit Kaiser. Citizen journalism by Andy Miah Evaluation and blogging by Ege Sezen. Project management by Leon Seth and Nick Lawrenson. Communications by Jo Williams, Anita Morris Associates. Emoto is produced by FutureEverything and Studio NAND.
  6. »The emoto project captures and visualises the excitement around the

    Olympic Games in London 2012. We track twitter for themes related to the Games, analyse the messages for content and emotional expressions, and visualise topics and tone of the conversation.«
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  8. The games Social media response :) :( Sentiment analysis and

    classification x #goldmedal #hockey Real time data visualization Data sculpture Data journalism
  9. Sentiment analysis @barack_obama +1 +1 +3 (provided by lexalytics salience

    engine) Congrats to Michael Phelps for breaking the all–time Olympic record. You’ve made your country proud. —bo
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  20. Infrastructure

  21. Olympics keywords 8b. Archival Flat files (Compressed) 9. Load Balancer

    / CDN Amazon Elastic Load Balancer & CloudFront 3. Message Bus Redis Queue Push/Writes Reads 5. Message Bus Redis Queue 7b. Stats & Replay Datastores Redis Key/Value 7a. Message Bus Redis Pub/Sub 4. Sentiment Analysis Lexalytics Salience Engine 2. Ingestion Cluster Receives & buffers 6. Statistics Analysis Topic Matching and Stats Aggregation 1. Twitter Streaming API 8a. Web Servers Nginx to serve client-side application Node.js server-side events API
  22. Installation

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  24. What’s the story?

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  32. Kurt Vonnegut »The Shape of Stories« Studio NAND for Data

    Science Day

  34. Helena Wahlman

  35. The world’s response to The Games?

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  37. @StudioNAND