Understanding Through Visualization

D61f0a21e1715dea917aa700dd25dadb?s=47 Studio NAND
November 05, 2012

Understanding Through Visualization

Comprehensive introduction into the history of data visualization, cartography, visual narratives, notation and the process of a data visualization designer.

This slides re-appear elsewhere across other talks and are in turn an extension and further development of slides by our former Prof. Boris Müller at the Interfacedesign programme of the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam.


Studio NAND

November 05, 2012


  1. Understanding Through Visualisation Making sense of the world through visual

    analysis and narration Stephan Thiel | Studio NAND www.nand.io
  2. None
  3. www.nand.io

  4. cc.org

  5. Embodiment – ‘Outsourcing’ Thinking

  6. None
  7. None
  8. None
  9. ?

  10. Time Table Paris Lyon E.J. Marey, La Méthode Graphique, 1885

  11. None
  12. None
  13. Commercial and Political Atlas William Playfair (1786)

  14. 1815 Geological Map of Great Britian William Smith

  15. The London Cholera Map Dr. John Snow (1854)

  16. Diagram of the Causes of Mortality Florence Nightingale (1858)

  17. Visual Narratives

  18. Cave Painting approx. 15 000 - 10 000 v. Chr.

  19. Cave Paintings

  20. Bayeux Tapestry approx. 1.6 x 224.3 ft (50 cm x

    70 m) ~1100 AD
  21. Comics Carl Barks, Donald Duck

  22. Comics Scott McCloud »Understanding Comics«

  23. History

  24. From Maps to Charts

  25. Map of the World

  26. Weltanschauung

  27. Map Ebstorf Map of the World (approx. 1300)

  28. Maps of the World

  29. There is no »neutral« way of representation

  30. How To Lie with Maps Map of East Berlin (VEB

    Tourist Verlag Berlin/Leipzig, 1984)
  31. Map London Underground

  32. Map > Chart: London Underground, 1920

  33. Chart: London Underground Henry Beck, 1931

  34. Chart: London Underground

  35. Again: Map of the London Underground

  36. From Chart to Interactive Infographic: Time Travel Tube Map (Tom

  37. Micro- and Macroreadings

  38. Map of the World

  39. The Earth at Night

  40. Isometric Map of New York City

  41. Illustrated Maps Shanghai – sh.edushi.com

  42. Illustrated Maps Shanghai – sh.edushi.com

  43. OpenStreetMap

  44. OpenStreetMap - Video

  45. Map? Chart? Combination! Napoleon’s Russian campaign of 1812, by Charles

    Minard, 1869
  46. »Tufte was lucky the Napoleon march went east, so he

    could use the left/right reading for his map« Ward Shelley at the Art and Humanities Complex Networks satellite conference
  47. Notation

  48. J.S. Bach – Goldberg Variationen Gregorian Notation

  49. »The Art of Dancing« Kellom Tomlinson (1735)

  50. Compositions by Roman Haubenstock-Ramati

  51. Fontana Mix by John Cage

  52. John Cage - Variations

  53. Karlheinz Stockhausen – Studie II

  54. Karlheinz Stockhausen – Licht

  55. “It’s all about the small data!” #hattip @moritz_stefaner

  56. None
  57. None
  58. None
  59. 400 Mio Tweets 2 TB per day dozens of other

    data sources
  60. “What music do people listen to/are talking about while sitting

    at Starbucks?”
  61. None
  62. How many romances happen over a coffee? How many break-ups

    happen over a coffee? / = ?
  63. None
  64. “Toiling In The Data-Mines” Tom Armitage, BERG Blog, October 23rd,


  66. PAUSE

  67. Creative team Moritz Stefaner Drew Hemment (Future Everything) Studio NAND

    A FutureEverything project for London 2012 Festival and the Cultural Olympiad programme. Funded by Arts Council England and WE PLAY/Legacy Trust UK. Infrastructure design & development by Gerrit Kaiser. Citizen journalism by Andy Miah Evaluation and blogging by Ege Sezen. Project management by Leon Seth and Nick Lawrenson. Communications by Jo Williams, Anita Morris Associates. Emoto is produced by FutureEverything and Studio NAND. Data art commission for London 2012 festival and the Cultural Olympiad.
  68. The games Social media response :) :( Sentiment analysis and

    classification x #goldmedal #hockey Real time data visualization Data sculpture Data journalism
  69. Sentiment analysis @barack_obama +1 +1 +3 (provided by lexalytics salience

    engine) Congrats to Michael Phelps for breaking the all–time Olympic record. You’ve made your country proud. —bo
  70. emoto2012.org https:/ /vimeo.com/46615102

  71. None
  72. Twitter sentiments: Tiger Woods, Golf Masters

  73. Twitter sentiments: Bubba Watson, Golf Masters

  74. None
  75. None
  76. Phelps Phelps Phelps Bolt Hockey Soccer these are crap -->

  77. None
  78. HOCKEY HOCKEY HOCKEY HOCKEY HOCKEY HOCKEY A) shortest cathethus aligned

    to hypothenuse swapping position alternately B) shortest cathethus aligned to hypothenuse swapping position alternately mirroring after 4th element B) shortest cathethus aligned to hypothenuse swapping position alternately mirroring alternately
  79. None
  80. None
  81. None
  82. None
  83. emoto installation https://vimeo.com/49679699

  84. None
  85. None
  86. None
  87. Zooming out a bit…

  88. The world’s response to the games?

  89. None
  90. This world is a serious place!

  91. Sensors everywhere Performance for free (nearly) Same with Storage Countless

  92. Average sentiment towards the Olympics

  93. Average sentiment towards the Olympics


  95. Dead Zones in the Baltic Sea

  96. None
  97. None
  98. Open data hunger

  99. None
  100. None
  101. None
  102. USA http://www.data.gov United Kingdom http://data.gov.uk Australia http://data.gov.au United Nations http://data.un.org

    OECD http://www.oecd- ilibrary.org/statistics image: http://d.lib.ncsu.edu/collections/catalog/0020696
  103. None