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Sass: a whistle stop tour

Sass: a whistle stop tour

A quick blast through what makes Sass an awesome extension of CSS that you should use no matter how marginally.

From a 5 minute, lightening talk at Milton Keynes Geek Night #8 on 12th March 2014

Stuart Robson

March 12, 2014

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  1. The Facebook Blue #3B5998 Declared 261 times throughout all stylesheets!

    What if Zuck wanted a different shade of blue?
  2. @mixins snippets of code! customisable with the ability to set

    defaults! let Sass write the menial bits of CSS for you
  3. Resources @SassNews - http://bit.ly/SassNews! @SassCSS - http://sass-lang.com/! @TheSassWay - http://thesassway.com/!

    @Sassmeister - http://sassmeister.com/! @StuRobson - http://www.alwaystwisted.com! Come to my workshop - http://bit.ly/SassWS