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Exploring Genesis Theme Framework

Exploring Genesis Theme Framework

An introduction to using the Genesis Theme Framework in WordPress development.


Sue Fernandes

April 19, 2016


  1. The Genesis of Things An Introduction to the Genesis Framework

    (sorry, no Phil Collins anecdotes included)
  2. Fernandes Creative @suefernandesweb

  3. • Parent Theme - perfect for single sites • Theme

    Framework - perfect for developer / multiple sites
  4. Responsive HTML5 Designs Search Engine Optimisation Airtight Security Customisable and

    Fast Developers you can trust Unlimited Everything Instant Updates Widgets and Layout Options
  5. Genesis + Studiopress Themes Easily Customisable Fast Setup for themes

    Great Development tutorials A great community
  6. Genesis for Single Site Owners • Easy to set up

    - tutorials included with each child theme purchased • Many child themes to choose from • Customise options such as layout and colours etc through the theme options and customizer. • Loads of Genesis plugins to handle stuff without code • Consistent theme interface across all sites, regardless of the child theme used. • Regular free updates which won’t overwrite your customisations. Genesis for Multiple Site Owners
  7. Genesis for Developers • The Genesis Sample Theme • Familiarity

    of structure across all sites • Easy to customise programatically - keep custom content out of the database and into the theme.
  8. Genesis for Developers Genesis Sample Theme *

  9. None
  10. Genesis Hooks add_action( ‘hook’, ‘some_custom_function’ ); function some_custom_function() { //

    do some cool stuff here } Hang your content onto a ‘Hook’ eg ‘genesis_before_entry’ Consistent across ALL Genesis themes
  11. Whoa there…. how do I know what the hooks are??

  12. Theres a plugin for that! https://wordpress.org/plugins/genesis-visual-hook-guide/ https://wordpress.org/plugins/genesis-simple-edits/

  13. None
  14. Find Out More Get Started: http://www.studiopress.com/get-started https://my.studiopress.com/tutorials/ Community: https://genesiswp.slack.com/ http://ukgenesis.co.uk