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Java 21 - Portland Java User Group 2023-10-24

October 24, 2023

Java 21 - Portland Java User Group 2023-10-24

Portland Java User Group
Portland Oregon
October 24, 2023


October 24, 2023

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  1. Java 21 at Netflix ✅ Java 21 in production since

    October 6, 2023 ✅ mission critical application ✅ billions of requests
  2. Validating Java 21 🐤 Canary testing • “test in production”

    • real production traffic • long running canaries • across multiple AWS regions
  3. “Use (unit, integration, smoke) testing and canary analysis to validate

    code before it is pushed to production” “we recommend the use of canary analysis. Canary analysis is an effective means to validate live traffic against new changes to a service” 📚 Netflix Tech blog
  4. 🐤 Canary analysis at Netflix “A canary release is a

    technique to reduce the risk from deploying a new version of software into production”
  5. 🐤 Canary analysis at Netflix “A new version of software,

    referred to as the canary, is deployed to a small subset of users alongside the stable running version.” “Traffic is split between these two versions such that a portion of incoming requests are diverted to the canary.”
  6. 🐤 Canary analysis at Netflix “The quality of the canary

    version is assessed by comparing key metrics that describe the behavior of the old and new versions. ”
  7. 🐤 Canary analysis at Netflix “If there is significant degradation

    in these metrics, the canary is aborted and all of the traffic is routed to the stable version in an effort to minimize the impact”
  8. 🐤 Canary analysis report • CPU utilization • Memory •

    Garbage collection • Requests per second • Error rate • Log diff