Methodology Madness—DPM:UK, Manchester 2016

5f17d9fc5e9243aee9d500ab931a396b?s=47 Suze Haworth
January 28, 2016

Methodology Madness—DPM:UK, Manchester 2016

Agile? Waterfall? Kanban? Wagile?! With the obsession around methodologies and following certain processes ever present in the DPM world, Suze takes a look at the core ones used in digital and how they can help and hinder.

She’ll answer those all important questions like: What are the core principles of the different methodologies? How are they similar and how do they differ? How appropriate are they for digital projects? How can you work with their strengths and can you incorporate them into your way of working? And do you really need them to succeed?


Suze Haworth

January 28, 2016