PM Pitfalls—DPM:UK, Manchester 2015

5f17d9fc5e9243aee9d500ab931a396b?s=47 Suze Haworth
January 31, 2015

PM Pitfalls—DPM:UK, Manchester 2015

Being a project manager is easy… said no project manager, ever. There are plenty of hazards, perils and obstacles waiting to get in the way of running a project smoothly, making us want to tear our hair out on a daily basis. There are ones of our own making (yes, we are human), or caused by our team or the client. There are also external factors lurking around every corner just waiting to derail our projects.

In her talk, Suze goes through some of the common pitfalls facing us every day on our projects—as well as ones we least suspect—and how best to tackle and overcome them. All while keeping a smile on our faces and our sanity intact!


Suze Haworth

January 31, 2015