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Lifelong learning programs: Ten Keys to Success

Lifelong learning programs: Ten Keys to Success

Dr. Richard Knopf of Arizona State University presented at the Lifelong Learning: New Opportunities for Aging Communities Symposium in Bozeman, Montana on Oct. 4, 2018.

The symposium was hosted by MSU Wonderlust: http://www.montana.edu/wonderlust, a lifelong learning program of Montana State University's Academic Technology and Outreach.


MSU Outreach

October 04, 2018


  1. Building Effective Lifelong Learning Programs: Ten Keys to Success Wonderlust

    Symposium, Montana Sate University 10.4.18 Richard C. Knopf, Ph.D., Director, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at ASU
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  9. Vitality, Community, Purpose

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  13. Maasailand, Kenya

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  20. Antholo gy

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  25. By the Numbers 14 years old 7 years re-purposed 3

    mission elements 3 pedagogy components 5 sites 2063 members 317 courses 27 percent maxed out 20 per semester fee 12 per session fee 2 full-time staff 6 part-time staff 270 instructors 125 instructor pay per session 500K budget 303K member/course fees 100K osher endowment 50K donors 15 percent donating 50K scholarships
  26. Ten Keys to Success

  27. First Key: Grow Locally, Grow Organically

  28. First Key: Grow Locally, Grow Organically ØPlace-based ØOrganically Grown ØCommunity

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  32. First Key: Grow Locally, Grow Organically ØCollective Visioning ØDiscover Community

    Heart and Soul ØFrom the Community, Not for the Community ØWhere We Live, Where We Live, Where we Live
  33. Second Key: Institutional Alignment ØBecome Indispensable to Your Host Institution

    ØWhere We Live, Where We Live, Where we Live
  34. Community Colleges Museums Hospitals Banks Libraries Non Profit Organizations Schools

    Recreation Centers Chambers of Commerce Fire Stations Retirement Centers Government Agencies Art Centers Neighborhood Centers Community Centers Homes Faith Communities Home Builders
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  36. Third Key: Strong Community Partnerships ØSite-Specific Co-Creative Incubators for Learning

    ØProgram Support, Leverage, and Societal Relevancy
  37. Ø Site-Specific Co-Creative Incubators for Learning

  38. Ø Program Support, Leverage, and Societal Relevancy

  39. Fourth Key: A Sense of Being and Identity

  40. MMF I

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  48. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3ixA6AhKSshMotalm5ve9g

  49. Mirabella Lifelong Learning Center @ ASU

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  51. Fifth Key: Member-Driven Visioning and Engagement

  52. Sixth Key: Clear Demarcation of Authority!

  53. Seventh Key: A Culture of Philanthropy

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  57. Lifelong Learning Philanthropy ØCorporations ØFoundations ØGrants ØPersonal In-Kind ØTalents ØMember

    Giving ØCampaigns ØSpecial Events ØTiered Giving ØPlanned Giving ØSecret to Success
  58. Eighth Key: Clear Operational Guidelines Disrupting the Learning Experience: The

    overall goal is to create classroom environments that maximize the learning for all students. If, in the opinion of OLLI at ASU staff and administration, that the instructor, activity leader, class members, or any allied participant interferes with the goals of the learning community, or creates a safety concern, he or she will be asked to leave the class or activity and ultimately may not be able to continue his or her affiliation with OLLI at ASU. Refund Policy: Membership fees are nonrefundable. Class/series fees are nonrefundable, except in the event a class/series is cancelled. In this case, the applicable class fee will be refunded at the close of the semester. Please note that refunds will not be available in instances of double-booking (selecting classes that take place simultaneously). If you have any questions, please call our office at 602.543.6440.
  59. Eighth Key: Clear Operational Guidelines Strategic Plan Mission Statement Organizational

    Chart Job Descriptions Marketing Plan Fund Raising Plan Code of Conduct Security/Emergency Preparedness ADA Policies and Compliance Title IV Policies and Compliance Liability Policies and Compliance Fiscal Policies, Controls, Guidelines Parking Policy Wait List Policy Volunteer Handbook Committee Structures Volunteer Job Descriptions Volunteer Agreement Forms Partnership Agreements/Contracts Instructor Training/Manual Instructor Contracts Student Evaluation Processes
  60. Ninth Key: Relentless Pursuit of Excellence https://lifelonglearning.asu.edu/membership

  61. Excellence in Technology

  62. Instructor Training and Development

  63. Tenth Key: Relentless Pursuit of Excellovation

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