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Little things in design Cosmetic

Little things in design Cosmetic


Swift India

April 27, 2019


  1. Little things 
 Design Cosmetic

  2. Spot a difference credit: Olacabs iOS App

  3. Creating Crisp Design credit: Swiggy iOS App

  4. Hairline credit:Github

  5. States of View 1. Loading State 2. Success & Idle

    State 3. Failure State
  6. credit: scott huff Design for Thumb ;)

  7. Bridging gap between design and reality • Spent few sprints

    with design to understand their philosophy
 • Created an Internal framework for few common things like Button, Alerts (10+ types), Hairline, etc

  8. credit: Paytm iOS App Back button Position

  9. Q & A